First Aid For Electrical Injuries

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First Aid For Electrical Injuries
First Aid For Electrical Injuries

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Electricity has become so firmly established in people's life and everyday life that it is almost impossible to do without it. However, it sometimes leads to big troubles, for example, if the wiring is closed, a fire can occur. Also, there are frequent cases of electrical injuries. In case of severe electrical injuries, there is a threat to life and health, therefore it is very important to quickly provide first aid to the victim.

First aid for electrical injuries
First aid for electrical injuries

Severity of electrical injuries

Electrical injuries can occur due to a malfunction of an electrical appliance, a violation of the insulation of the wiring, as well as due to non-compliance with safety regulations. The severity of an electric shock depends on a number of circumstances: the strength of the current, the duration of its exposure, the degree of resistance of the human skin, and the general state of health. The severity of electrical injuries is divided into 4 degrees - from the 1st, the most mild, when in most cases the victim quickly comes to his senses and does not need medical attention (especially in hospitalization), to the 4th, the most severe, when an electric shock causes the state of clinical death.

When receiving an electrical injury, starting from the 2nd degree, after providing first aid, the victim must be urgently hospitalized. To do this, it is best to call an ambulance.

How to provide first aid for electric shock

In case of electrical injury of the 1st degree, the victim himself can stop the effect of the current, since he does not lose consciousness and does not experience very severe pain and muscle cramps. However, in case of electrical injury of the 2nd, 3rd and even more the 4th degree, the help of other people is needed.

First of all, it is necessary to de-energize the wiring as soon as possible. If, for some reason, it is difficult, it is necessary to drag the victim away from the current source. In this case, the person providing assistance must take measures so as not to be electrocuted himself. Under no circumstances should you handle exposed skin or metal objects on the victim's clothing. It is best to use rubber gloves, and if not available, wrap your hands with some kind of insulating material. It is also advisable that the person who pulls the victim away from the power source is wearing rubber shoes or at least standing on an object that does not conduct electricity (for example, on a dry board or on a rubber rug). While one person performs these manipulations, the other must, without wasting time, call an ambulance.

Then it is necessary to immediately start artificial respiration by mouth-to-mouth method and indirect heart massage. This should be done until the victim comes to his senses and begins to breathe on his own or until the ambulance team arrives. Further treatment is carried out by doctors depending on the severity of the lesion suffered and the general condition of the victim.

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