How Much Protein Do We Need To Live?

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How Much Protein Do We Need To Live?
How Much Protein Do We Need To Live?

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Protein is the main building block of the human body. Skin, muscles, hair, connective tissue are composed mainly of protein. Without this substance, no enzymatic activity is possible. Since the body processes protein well, it is important to replace it with sufficient amounts.

How Much Protein Do We Need to Live?
How Much Protein Do We Need to Live?

The consequences of a lack of protein in the body

Unlike glucose and fat, the body has a small reserve of protein. If this substance does not come from the outside or is supplied in insufficient quantities, within a day the body will use protein from muscle tissue, thereby destroying it. Lack of protein leads to pathological conditions associated with hormonal imbalance, insufficiency of enzymatic systems. Alimentary dystrophy develops, there is a violation of brain activity, a violation of the functions of other systems and organs. Protein deficiency adversely affects the body of children, they lag behind in physical and mental development. To avoid these consequences, you need to monitor your diet and eat foods containing protein daily. The largest amount of this substance is found in meat, eggs, fish, dairy products, nuts, and legumes. Animal products have a properly balanced amino acid composition, which is very important for the normal assimilation of proteins. You can find out how much protein a meal contains in the instructions on the product label. This information usually provides calorie content, nutritional value, and a list of vitamins and minerals contained.

Least of all proteins are found in berries and fruits.

The harm of excess protein to the body

If a person consumes too much protein, for example, while following low-carb diets, the danger to the body in this case exists in the presence of kidney disease. With a regular excess of the norm of this substance, the amount of uric acid increases, this leads to the development of joint diseases, gout, and the risk of cardiovascular diseases also increases. It is recommended to consume protein in the amount of 10-35% of the total daily diet per day.

The excess protein in the body is converted into glucose. Unlike fast carbohydrates, it enters the bloodstream very slowly, without causing a sharp rise in blood sugar levels.

The amount of protein required for life depends on the build, age and physical activity of a particular person. To calculate the daily amount, you can use the following method: you need to multiply the weight of a person's body in kilograms by 0.8. The result is the amount of protein in grams that a given person needs per day. With an active lifestyle, you need to consume 1-2, 5 grams of protein per day per 1 kg of body weight. It is believed that people who are professionally involved in some sports (bodybuilding, long-distance running) get a positive effect if they consume additional amounts of protein. With a small sports load (swimming, aerobics), it is enough to consume the daily intake of this substance.

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