When Will The Cure For HIV Be Invented?

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When Will The Cure For HIV Be Invented?
When Will The Cure For HIV Be Invented?
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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was first discovered more than 25 years ago, and since then, scientists in advanced countries have been tirelessly trying to find effective ways to combat it. Significant successes have been achieved in laboratories in England, Australia, America, Denmark and many others, where mechanisms and methods of treating HIV infection were developed.

When will the cure for HIV be invented?
When will the cure for HIV be invented?

Positive results in the fight against the virus

As you know, the virus is capable of rapidly changing (mutating). The ability to be transmitted by direct contacts of the mucous membrane, through blood, semen, breast milk makes it especially dangerous and unpredictable. According to Australian scientists at the Queensland Institute, they will be able to obtain a potential drug in the very near future.

Preliminary positive results have been obtained by Professor David Harrich, and if clinical trials are successful, large-scale studies on HIV patients will begin. The professor's secret lies in being able to outsmart the virus and make it sleep. It is the human immune cells that contain the necessary protein to obtain a strong defense against disease.

However, scientists cannot come to a common opinion. A single optimal therapy has not yet been developed, although more than 23 antiviral drugs are available among the new drugs. In the next 25 years, scientists plan to look for new ways to counter drug resistance (resistance), to develop potentially effective strategies and drugs.

Promising directions

In the coming years, many leading laboratories are looking forward to an effective vaccine and prophylaxis. Therefore, until the disease subsides, it will be necessary to resort to less expensive treatments with mild side effects.

The virus quickly acquires cross-resistance to already developed drugs, and scientists constantly have to develop fundamentally new classes of drugs.

Nanotechnology is a fresh medical industry with the latest promising HIV treatments. Modern science has already seriously advanced in this area and is using the first achievements of the fight against HIV with great success.

Thanks to nanotechnology, progress in advanced development of useful drugs has significantly accelerated.

The use of nanotechnology in conjunction with modern methods of therapy allows patients to live a normal life until very old age and at the same time have a minimum of side effects from treatment. Of course, you have to constantly be under the scrutiny of doctors and constantly keep the virus under control. According to the statements of competent experts, the next 10 years will bring to mankind new methods and drugs that will completely cure HIV.

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