50 Ways To Lose 5 Kilos Easily. Part 2

50 Ways To Lose 5 Kilos Easily. Part 2
50 Ways To Lose 5 Kilos Easily. Part 2
Video: 50 Ways To Lose 5 Kilos Easily. Part 2
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We continue the conversation about how you can change your habits and easily lose a few pounds of excess weight. Do not forget to look through the first part of this article - perhaps there is something that will help you find the figure of your dreams.

50 Ways to Lose 5 Kilos Easily. Part 2
50 Ways to Lose 5 Kilos Easily. Part 2

26. Train not for weight loss, but for competition

Many people find that competing as a goal motivates them much more than training solely to get fit. Who knows, you may one day be able to run your dream marathon or win the CrossFit championship.

27. Join a sports team

Fitness can be fun, and if it does for you, you probably won't quit after your first workout. Volleyball, soccer, softball, roller hockey in the end?

28. Give up soda

Drank a liter of Coca-Cola on a hot day? Congratulations, you gave yourself 420 completely empty and extra kilocalories and "ate" half a glass of sugar. Go to clean water.

29. Forget desserts

It's easy and simple to cut calories by ordering a fat-free cappuccino instead of your usual cheesecake for dessert. It is even better, of course, to drink some water instead of cappuccino (see above), but so be it, indulge yourself occasionally.

30. Join the program

For example, a program like Weight Watchers has been around for several decades - rest assured, these guys know how to turn a crumpet into a skinny one.

31. Work on your feet

When you stand, you burn 30% more calories than when you sit in an office chair.

32. Turn your workspace into a treadmill

Research shows that walking all day, even at a very slow pace, burns an additional 800 kilocalories. This is a tip, more likely for fans of running and walking, of course, but nonetheless!

33. Eat soup for dinner

The soup is known to be boiled in water. The high water content of the soup makes it a low-calorie yet satisfying dish. Prefer fish and vegetable soups and stay away from creamy soups and hodgepodge.

34. Quit dieting

There is only one way to get and maintain a beautiful toned body: to realize and accept the fact that a healthy lifestyle is once and for all. Alternating short-term diets don't make you thinner - they end up increasing your body fat percentage. Do you need it? Honestly, it's easier to change your lifestyle.

35. Avoid snacking

We often hear that French people are never fat. One of the reasons for this is that snacking between meals is not part of their culture. It's hard to meet a Frenchman who is constantly chewing on something.

36. Try a gluten-free lifestyle

Think of it not as a miracle diet, but as an interesting and short-lived experiment that will allow you not only to lose a kilogram or two, but also to discover new foods. Think - what would you replace the usual sliced ​​loaf or a weighty hunk of Darnitsky?

37. Experiment with seasonings

According to research, cayenne pepper actually boosts your metabolism.

38. Our people do not go to the bakery by taxi!

Try to use the machine as little as possible, replace it, where possible, with a bicycle, scooter or your own legs - and the result will not be long in coming.

39. Have breakfast!

Those who skip breakfast tend to lose weight more easily and are generally leaner than those who skip breakfast or replace it with a glass of Starbucks coffee.

40. Drink more milk

Low-fat dairy products appear to accelerate weight loss - a credit that researchers attribute to calcium.

41. Eat more natural yogurt

Recent studies have shown that sugar-free and filler-free yogurt tops the healthiest food lists.

42.Chips - into the firebox

What tops the lists of food that carries those extra pounds? Potato chips.

43. Take a bike trip

Let it be a small trip in the vicinity of your hometown, but it can also bring a lot of benefits - you will burn calories, and look at the beauty of nature.

44. Argue with someone

Seriously, argue for money with your mom, husband, friend, or coworkers. And if you do not lose weight, your money - bye! And if you lose weight, make yourself a present.

45. Weigh yourself daily

For some, the scales are a constant disorder. For others, weighing yourself daily is a great way to record your results. Give it a try and enjoy how regularly you lose weight.

46. ​​Meditate

It's no secret that emotional overeating can kill the healthiest lifestyle - for some reason, no one seizes stress with carrots and celery, everyone strives to grab a chocolate bar and a piece of smoked sausage. A short daily meditation can help you deal with anxiety and anxiety.

47. Deep freeze

If you drink not just water, but ice water, it will burn a little more calories.

48. Do yoga

Has anyone seen a fat yogi? And what kind of stretch you will have - the gymnasts will be jealous!

49. Toothbrush and dental floss

Surprisingly, the fresh minty taste in the mouth makes a person stay away from casual snacks. Just don't eat too much sugar mints.

50. Eat in your mind

Before you eat, imagine this process in all details - what you will eat now, how much, what pleasure you will get. Scientists have noticed that those who do this simple exercise then eat less than they imagined.

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