Principles Of The Anti-cholesterol Diet

Principles Of The Anti-cholesterol Diet
Principles Of The Anti-cholesterol Diet

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Almost all people who seek to get rid of extra pounds, and those who monitor their diet, are well aware of the dangers of cholesterol. The first studies on the problems of its accumulation in the human body were carried out more than half a century ago and established the fact of not only negative, but also positive effects.

Principles of the anti-cholesterol diet
Principles of the anti-cholesterol diet

In moderate amounts, cholesterol is essential for the functioning of internal organs. With insufficient intake of it in food, the human liver begins to independently produce a certain amount of cholesterol.

The danger of cholesterol accumulation is that it causes blockage of blood vessels and the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. Cholesterol plaques can be located on the walls of blood vessels and interfere with proper blood flow, disrupting all the activity of the cardiovascular system.

The most common problem associated with the appearance of cholesterol plaques is atherosclerosis. It causes destructive changes in the myocardium and brain, which, most often, leads to death.


Cholesterol rises due to unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet, which includes too many foods that contain it.

In the early stages of the disease, a simple anti-cholesterol diet can be used to eliminate certain foods from a person's usual diet.

To achieve results, you need to follow the following rules of such a diet:

  • Reducing consumption of animal fats and certain vegetable fats. It is better to replace regular oil with olive oil, to give up the use of margarine and a large amount of butter.
  • Meat products must be chosen according to dietary standards and give preference to low-fat varieties of beef and poultry.
  • Refuse the use of offal and semi-finished meat products, including sausages.
  • Eat enough fish. But here it is better to use fatty varieties, since fish oil is useful.
  • Eat eggs. Despite the high content of cholesterol in the yolk of an egg, the protein neutralizes its properties.
  • Dairy products should not be fatty, but rather fermented milk.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits, nuts and legumes.
  • Eliminate sweet foods and coffee.

By following these simple recommendations, you can significantly improve the condition of the whole body and keep cholesterol levels normal.

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