How To Restore The Body After Antibiotics

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How To Restore The Body After Antibiotics
How To Restore The Body After Antibiotics

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Antibiotics negatively affect the entire body as a whole, but the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system are most severely affected. The duration of rehabilitation directly depends on the duration and intensity of antibiotic therapy.

How to restore the body after antibiotics
How to restore the body after antibiotics


Step 1

Take lactobacilli during your treatment. Drink them 2-3 hours after taking the antibiotic. If you have already taken a course of therapy, drink lactobacillus three times a day before or after meals (this is indicated in the annotation). Thus, you will restore the intestinal microflora and the immune system.

Step 2

Visit an immunologist and consult about the correction of immunity. The doctor will prescribe a series of tests for you, after which it will become clear whether you need to drink immunomodulators or not. If you underwent the usual course of antibiotic therapy (3-7 days), it will be enough for you to just get rid of dysbiosis and drink a vitamin complex. Taking special medications in this case is optional.

Step 3

Usually, after taking potent drugs, appetite disappears. But you still need to eat! Otherwise, the body will weaken and you will feel bad. Drink broth or vegetable broth if you have no desire to eat something more substantial. Gradually start eating light steamed meals. Avoid unhealthy foods rich in various additives until the gastrointestinal tract is fully restored.

Step 4

Take digestive aids, if you are tormented by the liver, take "Allohol", "Carsil", "Essentiale" - these drugs do not harm your health, therefore, consultation with a doctor is desirable, but not necessary.

Step 5

Take a daily walk in the fresh air to keep your body oxygenated. But it is not recommended after taking it to be in direct sunlight - increased pigmentation may appear on the skin. Gradually, you will begin to feel much better and more invigorated.

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