How To Take Bisacodyl

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How To Take Bisacodyl
How To Take Bisacodyl

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Bisacodyl is a laxative. The drug accelerates and strengthens the contractions of the large intestine. Recommended for constipation, after surgery and childbirth, bedridden patients. Also "Bisacodyl" is taken for proctitis, hemorrhoids, anal fissures to regulate the stool.

How to take Bisacodyl
How to take Bisacodyl


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"Bisacodyl" is available in the form of pills, tablets and suppositories. They all have the same indications for admission, but have slight differences in the rules of application. Therefore, consider how to take "Bisacodyl" in suppositories and tablets should be separately.

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Suppositories are applied rectally 1-2 pieces per day. First, one candle is injected, if this does not cause the desired effect, the dosage should be increased. The introduction of suppositories is allowed only once a day, if it is necessary to introduce two suppositories, this must be done at a time. It is possible to introduce candles "Bisacodyl" at any time of the day, considering only that they will begin to act in an hour.

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"Bisacodyl" in tablets or dragees is taken once a day for 1-3 tablets. It is forbidden to take more than four tablets. Reception is recommended to start with one tablet of "Bisacodyl" before bedtime. If this does not give the desired effect, the dose is increased to 2-3 tablets.

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You can take "Bisacodyl" at any time, taking into account that the laxative effect will begin in 6 hours. Tablets and pills are taken whole and washed down with water. You should not take chewed tablets and eat dairy products while taking - this will weaken the effect of "Bisacodyl" and can lead to stomach upset.

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Reception of "Bisacodyl" should last no more than a week. Take it with drugs that neutralize heartburn, you need to observe the two-hour interval. Overdose causes dehydration and deficiency of potassium ions. During pregnancy and lactation, with hepatic and renal insufficiency, "Bisacodyl" is taken under the supervision of a physician.

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