How To Drink Black Cumin

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How To Drink Black Cumin
How To Drink Black Cumin

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Black cumin, due to its medicinal properties, is widespread in the East. He became famous in Russia about 10 years ago. Now you also have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the unique medicinal properties of this plant.

How to drink black cumin
How to drink black cumin


  • - seeds of black cumin;
  • -anis and peppermint;
  • - decoction of cloves;
  • -honey;
  • - pharmacy chamomile;
  • -black cumin oil;
  • -carrot juice.


Step 1

For high blood pressure, take a cup of hot tea daily with a teaspoon of ground black cumin seeds. Drink it before breakfast.

Step 2

For stomach ulcers, boil a teaspoon of black cumin seeds in a glass of boiling water and continue to cook for 2 minutes. Let it cool and drink one glass every day. Do not consume citrus fruits during treatment.

Step 3

For acute pain in the intestines, take equal amounts of black cumin seeds, anise and peppermint. Prepare a decoction from a tablespoon of the mixture and a glass of boiling water. Add 7 drops of cumin oil. Drink the broth while it is warm and rub the area where you feel pain using black seed oil.

Step 4

For nausea and vomiting, stir one teaspoon of black cumin seeds in a glass of clove decoction. Drink without adding sugar three times a day.

Step 5

When bloating, pour a tablespoon of seeds with a glass of boiling water and continue to cook under the lid for another 5 minutes. Take a teaspoon 5-6 times a day.

Step 6

Bring a tablespoon of peppermint leaves and a teaspoon of cumin seeds to a boil in one glass of water and pour into a thermos. Insist one hour. Drink hot at any time, 2 times a day, adding natural honey. This broth helps to improve memory.

Step 7

In case of colic in the kidneys in a glass of warm water, stir one teaspoon of natural honey, a decoction of black cumin and a decoction of chamomile. Take at any time of the day.

Step 8

For colds and bronchitis, take a tablespoon of ground black cumin seeds, one teaspoon of chamomile flowers, and half a teaspoon of anise seeds. Stir well and brew with hot water. Insist for about a quarter of an hour. Add honey for flavor. Drink anytime.

Step 9

In case of cancer, drink a drink made from a teaspoon of black cumin oil and a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice three times during the day. The course of treatment is three months.

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