What Are The Signs Of Low Blood Pressure

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What Are The Signs Of Low Blood Pressure
What Are The Signs Of Low Blood Pressure

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A condition characterized by low blood pressure is called hypotension. Low pressure values ​​are considered less than 100 mm Hg. for systolic, and 60 mm Hg. for diastolic.

What are the signs of low blood pressure
What are the signs of low blood pressure

Signs of low blood pressure, its causes

Low blood pressure can be a manifestation of certain diseases. It can also be caused by natural causes. To determine the presence of low pressure without resorting to a tonometer, you need to pay attention to the following signs: drowsiness, pallor of the skin, general lethargy, hypersensitivity to cold (less often to heat), frequent dizziness, meteorological dependence. In some cases, there is nausea, vomiting. In men, a decrease in pressure is often accompanied by a decrease in potency and sexual desire, in women, menstrual irregularities appear.

People with low blood pressure do not tolerate physical activity well.

Primary hypotension is often considered normal. Secondary hypotension should be considered more closely by a physician as it may be a symptom of certain medical conditions. First of all, diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system should be excluded. To diagnose them will require extensive research.

Hypotension treatment

Low blood pressure is treated if its pathological nature is identified. In this case, attention should be directed to the general condition of the body and to the treatment of the underlying disease. Therapy for primary hypotension is usually not required, since this condition does not lead to any disturbances in the body. However, the usual state of health of people with low blood pressure is fatigue and weakness. In this case, tonic drinks will help. At low pressure, you should drink a cup of natural coffee in the morning and one or two cups of the drink during the day. Coffee can be substituted for strong black or green tea. In early spring, as well as in late autumn, hypotensive patients experience seasonal deterioration. During these periods, plant stimulants of the nervous system should be taken (Eleutherococcus, Manchurian Aralia, Golden mustache).

Hypotension, unlike hypertension, is not a life-threatening condition; there is evidence that low blood pressure contributes to an increase in life expectancy by almost 10 years.

With low blood pressure, moderate exercise, a course of massage will be useful. Lifestyle matters a lot. People with low blood pressure need to get enough sleep without getting too sleepy, so you need to develop an optimal rest and sleep regimen. Food for hypotension should be balanced and contain a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, it is very important not to overeat.

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