How To Treat Leg Cramps At Home

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How To Treat Leg Cramps At Home
How To Treat Leg Cramps At Home

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Sudden sharp pain in muscles, spasm and a sharp restriction of movement - this is how you can characterize this common malaise. Seizures can occur at any age, so you need to know what to do during a seizure.

How to treat leg cramps at home
How to treat leg cramps at home

Seizures are spasms of a muscle group that are accompanied by severe pain. The causes of leg cramps can be:

  1. Lack of vitamins in the body (potassium, magnesium, zinc).
  2. Disruption of the thyroid gland.
  3. Hypovitaminosis.
  4. Renal failure
  5. Diabetes mellitus of the second type.
  6. Alcohol and cigarette abuse.
  7. Excessive consumption of coffee.

In people of age, this disease is explained by age-related changes in tendons. For seizures that occur at night, quite common causes are:

  • Pregnancy period.
  • Violation of the water balance in the body.
  • All kinds of diets.

Treating leg cramps

Before starting treatment for leg cramps, you need to find out their exact cause. For this, it is best to consult a doctor, and not self-medicate. Once the cause is established, treatment can begin. For better efficiency and quick results, the treatment of seizures should be complex with the use of tablets, ointments and folk remedies.

The main groups of drugs

  1. Anti-inflammatory or pain relievers.
  2. Antipsychotics to help relax muscles.
  3. During pregnancy, your doctor will prescribe folic acid to help prevent seizures.
  4. Complex vitamin preparations.

External remedies

Ointments for leg cramps perfectly relieve spasms, reduce pain, and help strengthen blood vessels. The most effective drugs are:

  • Troxevasin
  • Heparin ointment
  • Miaton.

Folk remedies

Tincture of cumin helps in the fight against cramps. For its preparation, you will need one tablespoon of caraway seeds, two tablespoons of mint, and one spoonful of anise, fennel, mix all these components with boiling water, leave for about an hour. Consume in small glasses throughout the day. You need to eat right, normalize the daily diet. It is important to divide all methods of writing at least five times. This will help keep you from gaining weight, which will significantly reduce the onset of seizures. On a regular basis, you should do foot baths based on sea salt. A warm bath will help to relax the muscles of the legs, after completing this procedure, you need to wrap your legs in warmth and lie down to rest. During the period of illness, it is best to refuse high-heeled shoes.

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