Why Doesn't Your Period Start?

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Why Doesn't Your Period Start?
Why Doesn't Your Period Start?

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Violation of the menstrual cycle in women can mean serious disruptions in the genitourinary system. Of course, if it is not caused by menopause or such a joyful event as the onset of pregnancy.

Why doesn't your period start?
Why doesn't your period start?

A delay in menstruation up to five days is not a pathology and should not cause any concern, other cases, especially constant delays with abdominal pain, fall under the clinical practice of specialists and are called aminorrhea, which can be caused not only by gynecological diseases, but also by general processes, passing in the body of a woman over 16 years old.

Physiological, biochemical and emotional disorders, psychological trauma can be the reasons for the absence or delay of menstruation.


Aminorrhea is divided into primary, associated with delayed puberty in girls, and secondary, which is usually considered through the prism of pathologies. Often, the late onset of puberty in girls is associated with an emotional and psychological state, trauma of distant childhood, features of physiological development, heredity transmitted from mother to daughter, or other disorders that cause changes in the normal patency of the uterus and vagina associated with congenital structural features or pathologies development.

Engaging in heavy sports, hard work, sudden weight loss or gain, changes in the usual climate or temperature regime can cause situations called "secondary aminorrhea". With secondary aminorrhea, the menstrual cycle is malfunctioning, the onset of menstruation is delayed, and their duration varies. Most often, doctors note concomitant problems, such as an increased level of ESR, testosterone in the blood, and a lack of iron. Women say that they constantly have dizziness, weakness, and often the lower abdomen begins to hurt.


Many infectious diseases have symptoms such as aminorrhea in their symptoms, these include:

- tuberculosis, - female alcoholism, - typhoid, - liver disease.

Aminorrhea can be caused by disorders of the adrenal glands, diseases of the thyroid gland, a tumor, a cyst, in addition, sudden aminorrhea can occur as a result of the termination of taking certain medicinal hormonal or contraceptives, and even an incorrectly placed spiral. Emergency contraception based on hormonal drugs, intoxication associated with smoking, taking drugs or working in hazardous industries, abortion or miscarriage are all causes of secondary aminorrhea.

Aminorrhea in most cases is treated with medication, the majority of drugs are hormonal, therefore, they are prescribed by doctors strictly according to indications. Self-medication is dangerous.

In any case, any violations require a thorough examination by a gynecologist, taking tests, conducting research on an ultrasound machine, finding out the lifestyle, factors preceding the onset of the disease, drawing up a general clinical picture.

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