How To Relieve Trigeminal Pain

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How To Relieve Trigeminal Pain
How To Relieve Trigeminal Pain

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The trigeminal nerve is a mixture of various nerve fibers responsible for sensation and movement of the eyes and jaws. Trigeminal pain is one of the most severe physical pains that a person can experience, it manifests itself in the form of short painful sensations, similar to strong electric shocks. Most often, this pain is treated with medication, but surgery may also be necessary.

How to relieve trigeminal pain
How to relieve trigeminal pain


If your trigeminal nerve hurts from time to time, the first thing you can do is determine the causes of these pains. Track when and under what circumstances you experience these pains. High winds and eating spicy foods are the most common irritants for trigeminal pain. Try to avoid any, even minor drafts in the room you are in. Stop eating hot and spicy foods, in some cases it is necessary to avoid specific foods, most often coffee, citrus fruits, bananas, etc.

The pain of the trigeminal nerve makes a person stop all physical activity. He is depressed and usually refuses to eat. However, you can use cold drinks to help relieve pain. Try drinking them through a straw, which often helps to relieve pain.


Trigeminal pain requires referral to a medical professional, in particular neurologists or neurosurgeons, who are familiar with this type of pain and have experience in treating it. You will undergo special diagnostics, for example, an MRI, which will help you determine the optimal way of further treatment.


To treat trigeminal pain, doctors most often prescribe certain medications, usually antiepileptic drugs. These drugs help slow down the nervous system by numbing the pain. It is necessary to take these medications strictly according to the doctor's instructions, not exceeding the indicated dosages, otherwise serious complications may appear. The most effective drugs of this kind include: "Carbamazepine", "Oscarbazepine", "Baclofen", etc. These drugs can cause a number of side effects, for example, nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, memory problems, allergic reactions, etc. If you experience them, try seeing your doctor to change your medication.

Healing procedures

Medication may not produce the expected results, and the side effects of medication can be unbearable. If this is the case, doctors may prescribe a number of treatments for you to help reduce or relieve pain completely. These include, for example, glycerol injection and radiofrequency nerve destruction. These procedures are usually carried out under the influence of anesthesia, but the patient goes home immediately after they are performed.


Treatment of trigeminal pain can also be performed surgically. The most effective type of such operations is microvascular decompression. This operation is performed under general anesthesia on an open skull. It consists in the separation of blood vessels from the trigeminal nerve. This avoids the pressure exerted on the nerve by the vessels and relieves pain. Such an operation in many cases completely relieves the patient of the pain of the trigeminal nerve.

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