Paraproctitis: What Is It, Symptoms And Treatment, Causes And Diagnosis

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Paraproctitis: What Is It, Symptoms And Treatment, Causes And Diagnosis
Paraproctitis: What Is It, Symptoms And Treatment, Causes And Diagnosis

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Paraproctitis is an inflammatory disease of the rectum with extensive damage to the tissues of the organ. The disease is fraught with serious complications and therefore requires immediate treatment.

Paraproctitis: what is it, symptoms and treatment, causes and diagnosis
Paraproctitis: what is it, symptoms and treatment, causes and diagnosis

Causes and symptoms of paraproctitis

Acute paraproctitis can occur due to non-observance of the rules of personal hygiene, due to traumatic manipulations in the anus, or diseases such as anal fissures, hemorrhoids and some others. Sometimes the disease develops for no apparent reason against the background of a weakened immune system.

Paraproctitis begins with the penetration of infection from the lumen of the rectum into the surrounding tissues, which become inflamed, and as a result, an abscess forms. The size and location of the latter depend on human immunity. It can be found both under the skin of the perineum and under the layer of muscles in the gluteal region.

Symptoms of the disease appear immediately. Weakness and malaise appear, body temperature rises, pain in the rectum and perineum is felt. At the same time, the anus can swell and become painful when palpated. This condition is characterized as acute paraproctitis.

If you do not start treatment within a few days after the onset of symptoms, the temperature continues to rise, the pain intensifies, and an acute retention of urine and stool occurs. The disease becomes chronic and may be accompanied by the formation of purulent fistulas and abscesses.

Diagnostics and treatment

Immediately after the first signs of illness or prolonged discomfort in the anus appear, it is important to urgently visit a surgeon or proctologist. Paraproctitis is detected by external examination and digital examination of the rectum. If the patient complains of complications associated with the functioning of the genitourinary system, additional consultation with a urologist (for men) or a gynecologist (for women) will be required.

Paraproctitis in any form is subject to exclusively surgical treatment. The operation is scheduled immediately after the appropriate diagnosis is made and is performed under general anesthesia in a surgical hospital. Its purpose is to open the abscess and remove the pus. After the completion of the operation, dressing is performed, antibiotics and general strengthening drugs are prescribed.

Opening the abscess is often not the only prescribed operation: as a rule, in the future, repeated suppurations may occur, since an inflammatory canal (fistula) remains between the rectum and the surrounding tissues. To cure the disease completely, a second operation is required to remove the fistulous canal, which is performed in a specialized proctological center.

The performed surgical procedure of the connection allows you to eliminate the connection between the abscess and the intestinal cavity. Such an operation is called radical, since it leads to a complete cure of the patient. Some time must pass between it and the procedure for removing the abscess for the skin and muscle integuments of the organ to recover. This will protect against accidental injury to the anus and the development of fecal incontinence.

Untimely surgical treatment of acute paraproctitis can lead to the development of complications such as purulent destruction of the intestinal walls or urethra in men, breakthrough of suppuration in the vagina in women. A particularly dangerous consequence is the breakthrough of pus into the pelvic cavity, which threatens the patient with death.

In order to avoid the development of paraproctitis, you need to monitor your health and take special measures at home. Personal hygiene must be observed daily, a sedentary lifestyle, and severe colds and infectious diseases must be avoided.Bad habits, frequent consumption of spicy, fried and spicy foods have a great harm on the body. The factor of heredity is important: if one of the family members is diagnosed with paraproctitis, it is imperative to be examined annually by a proctologist or surgeon.

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