5 Signs Of Metabolic Problems

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5 Signs Of Metabolic Problems
5 Signs Of Metabolic Problems

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Slow metabolism is a common problem. If the metabolic processes in the body are not proceeding correctly, not fast enough, then the risk of gaining extra pounds increases. At the same time, even the most stringent and seemingly effective diets can be ineffective. By what symptoms can you tell that things are bad with your metabolism?

Symptoms of metabolic (metabolic) problems
Symptoms of metabolic (metabolic) problems

Why does the body suddenly fail, metabolic processes start to slow down? The reason may be hidden in age: doctors believe that after 35 years of age, metabolism gradually slows down. An improper lifestyle, internal diseases and an inadequate diet can also affect the speed of metabolic processes in the body. The thyroid gland has a great influence on metabolism. Therefore, if there are diseases of this organ, metabolic problems cannot be avoided. What signs indicate that metabolic processes are unstable?

Key symptoms of a slow metabolism

  1. Mood swings. If the course of metabolic processes in the body is disturbed, a person inevitably faces mood swings. As a rule, negative emotions start to dominate. People who have thyroid disease are more likely than others to be clinically depressed.
  2. The appearance of excess weight. This is an obvious symptom for a slow metabolism. A person can eat exclusively correctly, follow a diet, lead an active lifestyle and devote time to sports, but at the same time his body weight either does not change at all, or begins to increase. If metabolic processes for any reason fail and slow down, neither sports nor proper nutrition will help to achieve an ideal figure.
  3. Headaches. Along with changes in mood and weight gain, a person who has a slow metabolism tends to often experience prolonged headaches. As a rule, they occur for no additional / apparent reason. Painful aching, dull, can turn into a migraine-like state. As a rule, soreness is concentrated in the frontal part, and often also spreads to the face, eyes, and teeth.
  4. Sensitive to cold and chills. If the metabolic process is disturbed in the body, a person can constantly feel a slight malaise, react inadequately to temperature changes. Even in a warm room, chills and chilliness are possible. It is important to note that with a poor metabolism, a person is also prone to frequent colds and infectious diseases, while the body temperature, as a rule, remains persistently low.
  5. Lack of body response to insulin. A rather serious sign of problems with metabolic processes is the lack of an adequate response to the insulin produced and present in the body. Against this background, a person begins to constantly feel a craving for any sweet, high-calorie foods. People who have a slow metabolism usually include abundant carbohydrates in their diet in various forms.

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