Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?
Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

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An amazing insect is the bed bug. It differs from other parasites found in living quarters in that it directly harms the human body, leaving multiple, uncomfortable bites on it.

Where do bed bugs come from?
Where do bed bugs come from?

How bed bugs get started in the house

Most often, the problem of bed bugs worries residents of old high-rise buildings, villages and summer residents. The bug is an unpretentious insect, mobile, but not flying. Can go without food for a long time and travel long distances. Due to their sense of smell, bedbugs quickly find a person's home and settle there, although most often bedbugs move from other apartments and houses. It seems that there are no barriers for bedbugs. With their flat build, they make their way literally through any hard-to-reach passage. Often, the person himself becomes an unwitting carrier of bedbugs, bringing these parasites from travel.

It should be noted that the main reasons for the appearance of bed bugs in houses and apartments do not directly depend on their sanitary condition. Parasitic insects boldly settle in both clean rooms and dirty ones. The main ways for bedbugs to enter living quarters are still windows, doors, ventilation shafts, drainpipes, and hardly noticeable cracks in the walls. An insect in the house can also appear with purchased old furniture and appliances. Once indoors, bedbugs settle in bed linen, wardrobes, carpets and baseboards, while feeling like real owners.

Ways to prevent bed bugs

It has been established that bed bugs die at temperatures above 50 ° C, therefore, having visited the places where these insects are found, it is necessary to steam treatment of all things, including shoes. And larger ones (suitcases, bags, backpacks or hiking things) are better to be dry-cleaned.

In summer, it is good to hang windows with mosquito nets. This will prevent adult insects from getting inside. Additional insulation of the outlets with silicone will not interfere. Don't forget about ventilation. Regular vinegar or naphthalene treatment of such places will scare off bedbugs with its smell, while veiling the smell of a person. It is also recommended to put herbs such as wormwood, tansy and lavender into the ventilation holes every two to three weeks, remembering to periodically change them. These practical tips will help prevent bed bugs.

Well, if the bugs have already appeared, it is better to entrust the fight with them to specialists. It is impossible to completely restrict the penetration of bed bugs into the room. Man is the only factor attracting these parasites.

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