How To Organize Flu Prevention Activities

How To Organize Flu Prevention Activities
How To Organize Flu Prevention Activities

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With a progressive increase in the number of acute respiratory diseases in a certain settlement or region of the country, anti-epidemic measures are necessarily introduced, which, if carried out correctly, reduce the number of such cases.

How to organize flu prevention activities
How to organize flu prevention activities


Step 1

In schools and preschool groups in the early stages of the epidemic, extracurricular or public events stop.

Step 2

When children are admitted to kindergartens and school classes, a daily medical examination is required in the morning, which includes interviewing all children without exception, measuring body temperature, and objective examination (if necessary).

Step 3

When a certain level of morbidity among the child population is exceeded, classes in schools of all types and subordination are completely stopped. The timing of the resumption of classes is determined by local administrations in agreement with the organizations that control the level of morbidity of the population.

Step 4

In a locality or region, it is prohibited to hold mass events among the entire population when the incidence approaches the level of the epidemic threshold.

Step 5

At the same time, visits to patients of all hospitals by relatives are prohibited, transmissions are accepted only by medical personnel, and the attending physicians give information about the state of health of patients at a certain time in a specially designated room.

Step 6

The personnel of medical institutions, trade and public catering organizations, and utilities must use medical gauze dressings, and it is necessary to carefully monitor the observance of the regime of their change and disinfection (when using reusable dressings).

Step 7

Medical institutions - polyclinics, hospitals are transferred to a special mode of operation, in which the work schedules of doctors and nurses are changed, which makes it possible to ensure the proper provision of medical care to the population.

Step 8

Before the onset of the epidemic period, it is desirable to start mass vaccination of the population, and the categories that are actively in contact with a large number of people are vaccinated without fail at the expense of budgetary funding.

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