How To Burn A Wart

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How To Burn A Wart
How To Burn A Wart

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Warts are a fairly common type of tumor-like, but benign formations. Their occurrence is due to the introduction of a filtering virus into the body, most often the papilloma virus. Warts are localized mainly on the hands and fingers, without causing discomfort. However, from the aesthetic point of view, these growths cause a lot of problems. In the fight against warts, you can use a simple method - burning.

How to burn a wart
How to burn a wart


  • - highly concentrated salicylic acid solution;
  • - acetic acid;
  • - garlic;
  • - celandine solution.


Step 1

Buy a highly concentrated salicylic acid solution from your pharmacy. Smear the warts well every day and hide them under a patch. It should be smeared daily for 1-2 months. After this procedure, ugly growths disappear and no longer appear.

Step 2

Take acetic acid or essence. Make a small cotton wick and lubricate the warts with it twice a day. Small growths will disappear in 6-7 days, and for larger warts, prepare a mixture of acetic acid and flour (all in very small proportions). Cut a small piece of adhesive tape and cut out a circle in the center with a diameter equal to the wart. Apply the patch so that it fits snugly around the wart around the circumference. Now apply the vinegar-flour mixture into the hole directly on the wart, and apply another layer of plaster on top. Make such a compress at night, and take it off in the morning. After the warts disappear for about a week, lubricate these places with garlic.

Step 3

Try burning out the warts with celandine solution. However, be careful, as the solution sold in pharmacies contains a very caustic alkali, and it can cause burns. Use a small pipette to drop some solution into the center of the wart. Try to get it exactly on the build-up. After a deep dark or clear area forms under the wart, rinse the solution well with water. After cauterization, leave the wound to dry and only after a few days can you carefully cut off the dead skin with scissors or a blade.

Step 4

Rub the garlic over the wart by cutting the clove. After a couple of minutes, make another cut and lubricate the build-up again. Now rub the entire garlic clove into the wart. Perform the procedure before going to bed, if necessary, you can lubricate the warts with garlic twice a day (during the day and at night). The warts will begin to subside within the first two weeks, depending on their size. After the warts disappear, lubricate the wounds with garlic juice for several days.

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