Plasmapheresis. Types And Features

Plasmapheresis. Types And Features
Plasmapheresis. Types And Features

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Plasmapheresis is a way to remove unnecessary elements from human blood plasma. This technique is subdivided into a treatment procedure and a donor procedure.

Plasmapheresis. Views
Plasmapheresis. Views

Taking into account the method of obtaining plasma, it is divided into membrane, centrifugal, apparatus and sedimentation. During this procedure, some blood is taken from a person, and then it is separated into plasma and other elements. All blood cells are returned to the patient, and plasma can be disposed of, depending on the type of method.

Therapeutic plasmapheresis

A certain volume of blood is taken, from which plasma is withdrawn. This method is used in the treatment of neurological or autoimmune diseases, if necessary, remove antibodies quickly.

The process of therapeutic plasmapheresis can be carried out using special equipment that excludes the possibility of infecting the patient with dangerous diseases or viruses.

Membrane plasmapheresis

During this procedure, pathological substances (toxic, ballast) are removed from the blood by means of plasma extraction and blood filtration.

This plasmapheresis is increasingly used in clinical practice today.

Cascade plasmapheresis

This procedure involves secondary filtration of blood using a special microporous filter that can only let through albumin.

It is used in the treatment of atherosclerosis with severe vascular diseases of the heart, brain, and aorta. In addition, cascade plasmapheresis is very effective in autoimmune diseases.

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