How To Straighten Your Spine

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How To Straighten Your Spine
How To Straighten Your Spine

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Curvature of the spine is the most common disease of the musculoskeletal system or the musculoskeletal system. Distinguish between congenital and acquired deformities. Scoliosis of the spine progresses rather quickly and leads to severe dysfunctions of internal organs.

How to straighten your spine
How to straighten your spine


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The presence of deformity can be determined by a number of signs: one shoulder is higher than the other, the angle of the left or right scapula protrudes, and others. The diagnosis of scoliosis will be carried out by an orthopedic traumatologist or surgeon, he will need an X-ray examination of the spine and determination of the angle of deviation to clarify the degree of scoliosis.

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The effectiveness of treatment largely depends on the age of the patient, the degree and type of curvature. As a rule, grades 1 and 2 scoliosis are treated with conservative methods. The patient is prescribed a complete, balanced diet, rich in trace elements (especially calcium and fluoride) and vitamins. The patient's bed should be hard with a special solid shield, you can use an orthopedic mattress. Pay attention to the size of the table and chair. It is necessary to sit at the table correctly and straight, make sure that your feet reach the floor.

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Therapeutic gymnastics is carried out systematically under the supervision of a physical therapy physician. An orthopedist is prescribed to wear orthopedic corsets for scoliosis of 2 and 3 degrees. Regular exercise strengthens the muscles of the trunk, improves posture, has a stabilizing effect on the spine, and improves the function of external respiration. The complex of physiotherapy exercises (LFK) necessarily includes remedial gymnastics, swimming and various exercises in the water, systematic massage courses, the necessary correction by the position.

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If the cause of the development of spinal deformity is a congenital anomaly in the development of the limbs (different lengths of the legs), then in this case a thickened insole is placed under the short leg or wearing orthopedic shoes is recommended. With rapidly progressing curvature of the spine, surgical treatment is carried out in specialized orthopedic clinics. Mechanical endocorrectors are installed to correct the curvature of the spine. In the future, the treatment is supportive, the correct daily regimen, balanced nutrition, courses of physiotherapy exercises, massage and physiotherapy are prescribed.

Step 5

A prerequisite for the prevention of spinal scoliosis is compliance and constant monitoring of your correct posture. The necessary motor minimum for each person should include morning exercises, active rest, walking, running, swimming.

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