How To Take A Gainer

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How To Take A Gainer
How To Take A Gainer

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Gainer is a sports nutritional supplement for the special nutrition of athletes looking to gain weight. Its composition is distinguished by a high percentage of carbohydrates (from 50 to 75%), but there is also a sufficient amount of the protein component in it.

How to take a gainer
How to take a gainer


Step 1

Taking a weight gainer before a workout about 1–2 hours before starting will allow you to maintain a high level of energy, which will allow you to make your workout as intense as possible. However, there will be no fat loss during exercise and the likelihood of fat accumulation will increase.

Step 2

Reception of the gainer no later than 30 minutes after the end of the workout is optimal. In this case, it solves the problem of the appearance of a "protein window" and restores the level of glycogen in the body. Taking a sports supplement at this time helps to regenerate muscle tissue and restore strength. To enhance the effect, you can take a gainer with creatine or protein.

Step 3

If you are not inclined to be overweight and want to quickly gain weight, then the gainer should be taken 2-4 times a day. If there is a risk of weight gain due to fat, then it is better to limit the intake of a carbohydrate-protein drink at one time, and use protein in the other 2-3 times. Taking a gainer, you need to drink as much liquid as possible, in this case it will be better absorbed, and most of the components will not be excreted from the body.

Step 4

The gainer should not be diluted in hot and even more so boiling water, as it promotes protein denaturation, and, therefore, the beneficial properties of the drink will be lost. You should not use it while working on relief, drying and losing weight.

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