In What Position To Sleep For Pregnant

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In What Position To Sleep For Pregnant
In What Position To Sleep For Pregnant

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Each responsible expectant mother is worried about the condition of the fetus, tries to find out the smallest information about what she should do during pregnancy so that the baby is born healthy and strong, how to eat, how much to walk and even how to sleep properly, in what position.

In what position to sleep for pregnant
In what position to sleep for pregnant


Step 1

Since the uterus at short stages of pregnancy does not yet go beyond the limits of the small pelvis, sleep until the 13th week as it was always convenient for you. If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, sleep. But you need to take into account that the increased sensitivity of the mammary glands in the first stage of pregnancy can prevent you from getting enough sleep. In this case, it will be time to look for a more favorable position for your sleep.

Step 2

After the 13th week, your favorite sleeping position "on your stomach" will be uncomfortable for you. Also, doctors are in a hurry to warn pregnant women that, starting from this period, it is generally not recommended to sleep on your stomach. Change the position to others that are more comfortable for you and the growing baby.

Step 3

Pose "on the back". Many pregnant women roll over onto their backs from uncomfortable belly positions. However, this position is not recommended during sleep for pregnant women. At this stage, the growing baby becomes heavier, squeezes the internal organs of his mother, even when she is not resting. And lying on your back during sleep, such squeezing continues. In addition, a long stay on the back leads to the squeezing of the vena cava along the spine. Hence - a decrease in air flow, varicose veins, palpitations, fetal hypoxia. Remember - in the second and third semesters, the position "on the back" is not for you!

Step 4

The most correct pose for a pregnant woman is on the left side. The circulation of the blood of the body in this position occurs properly. Moreover, the baby in this position of his mother during sleep is in a cephalic presentation, which is completely physiological and correct.

Step 5

If lying on your left side, you feel unpleasant pressure on your heart, use intermediate lying. That is, with the pillow under your side, lie half on your side, half on your back.

Step 6

In the last trimester of pregnancy, stock up on small pillows that you need to place yourself at night for convenience under different parts of the body. Sometimes a woman manages to fall asleep at 8-9 months of pregnancy only when she lies on her side, with a pillow placed between her legs.

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