Diets Or Nutrition?

Diets Or Nutrition?
Diets Or Nutrition?

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Many women and even men looked in the mirror at least once in their lives and were unhappy with their appearance. Of course, a bad haircut or a stain on your favorite dress could be to blame. But often this discontent was caused by extra pounds.

Diets or nutrition?
Diets or nutrition?

In the best traditions of everyone who decided to lose weight and seriously take care of their appearance, the decision has already been made to start tomorrow and the bathroom scales have already been pulled out of the closet. Now they take pride of place in the center of the room, or maybe, on the contrary, bashfully hidden under the bed.

And when the goal has already been set, the question of achieving it arises. Well, that's where we should start.

The main ways to achieve your ideal weight are dieting or eating a healthy diet.

Diets and proper nutrition are, in principle, similar to each other. Ultimately, it all comes down to restricting food. But, of course, there are also significant differences.

Proper nutrition is a lifestyle that must be adhered to. No starvation, just a balanced diet that allows you to get the required amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It goes well paired with additional physical activity, but you should not expect quick results by weighing yourself every day.

In turn, a diet is something like an ambulance. Depending on the severity, it allows you to lose weight in a short time.

But is it that simple? Such jumps in weight are harmful to the body, while healthy food not only gradually brings your weight back to normal, but also heals your body. With a diet, you often feel unwell, drowsiness, and fatigue. In addition, it is a great stress for the body.

It is worth thinking about the negative consequences. Will the lost kilograms return and take a couple more with them after stopping the diet? All efforts will then be wasted.

Also, fast weight loss is fraught with the appearance of stretch marks, which can only be removed with a laser, and such a procedure costs a lot of money.

The body ceases to receive a sufficient amount of the nutrients and vitamins it needs, as a result of which the condition of the skin, nails, and hair worsens.

All of this, most likely, will not bring the joy of losing weight.

Diets are often very strict, which causes breakdowns. After several days of hunger, a person can eat much more than on a normal day. And overeating after a hunger strike causes great harm to the body.

It is not difficult to come to the conclusion that, despite the big plus - the speed of losing weight, diets also have many disadvantages.

You can lose two or three kilograms to fit into a new dress and look irresistible, but is it worth the sad consequences?

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