How To Deal With Excess Weight

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How To Deal With Excess Weight
How To Deal With Excess Weight

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Excess weight not only makes the figure less attractive and interferes with wearing beautiful tight-fitting things, but can also provoke various diseases. Often, unnecessary pounds appear as a result of a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition. By changing the attitude towards these two things, you can get in good shape and improve your well-being.

How to deal with excess weight
How to deal with excess weight


Step 1

Forget about dieting and hunger strikes. It is very difficult to control excess weight in such ways, since when you return to your usual diet, the lost kilograms very quickly settle again on the hips and stomach. Often double the size. But you still have to return to normal nutrition, since constant diets can lead to various health problems.

Step 2

Remove any synthetic foods from your diet: carbonated drinks, sweets, fast food, various sausages and convenience foods. Also, try not to eat baked goods, fried foods, and a lot of salty foods. All of them clog the body with carcinogens and a large amount of salts, which are difficult to remove, but they perfectly contribute to the appearance of excess weight.

Step 3

Cut back on your portions and eat 5 times a day. With an inactive lifestyle, the body does not need a lot of products for normal life. To lose weight, you need to eat at a time the amount of food that decreases in the palm of your hand. And in order not to feel hungry, you need to eat 5 times a day.

Step 4

Eat at the metabolic clock. In the morning, allow yourself essential vegetable fats, which will be burned completely before lunch. During the day, protein and fiber are perfectly absorbed, and in the evening - complex carbohydrates, which maintain a feeling of fullness for a long time.

Step 5

Include in your diet as many vegetables, herbs and seafood as possible - they have a beneficial effect on metabolism, saturate the body with vitamins and microelements, and at the same time are well absorbed by the body. Vegetables are best eaten raw, while seafood is best eaten in the oven or steamed. Make sure to eat organic dairy products, lean meats, fruits and nuts several times a week.

Step 6

Go in for sports. Reducing food intake will give quick results, coupled with an active lifestyle. Choose for yourself the sport that will give you pleasure. Also, be sure to take long walks in the fresh air.

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