Chickenpox: Symptoms, Course And Treatment

Chickenpox: Symptoms, Course And Treatment
Chickenpox: Symptoms, Course And Treatment

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Chickenpox, or chickenpox, refers to viral diseases, it is characterized by the appearance of single or extensive rashes. As a rule, the virus infects children, but this ailment also occurs in people in adulthood.

chickenpox treatment
chickenpox treatment

Symptoms at different stages of the disease

A feature of a viral infection is the presence of 5 stages, each of which has certain signs. Moreover, several days or ten years may pass between the stages. The most common age of the lesion is preschool children.

The first stage is the immediate moment of infection and the incubation period of the virus. When it enters the body, the virus begins to multiply without external manifestation, so the person does not even know about the disease.

At the second stage, the first signs begin to appear:

- body temperature rises;

- general weakness appears;

- the patient experiences headaches and discomfort in the lower back.

This condition lasts a couple of days without reddish rashes, but the person is already a carrier of the infection.

The rash appears in the third stage, when the virus begins to invade the immune system. With healthy immunity, the rashes pass quickly enough, and the general condition begins to improve significantly. Reduced immune defenses exacerbate the course of the disease. After a final recovery, a person does not infect the people around him, but is a carrier of the virus.

The fifth stage occurs when re-infection with chickenpox, which occurs in case of weakened immunity or frequent stressful situations. As a rule, the rash appears in the area of ​​the affected nerve or does not appear at all.

How to cure chickenpox?

For a quick recovery of the body, it is necessary to consult a specialist, since a course of standard therapy is required:

- antihistamines to relieve itching;

- antipyretic drugs to lower the temperature;

- antiseptics for skin disinfection.

To suppress the multiplication of the virus, it is advisable to take antiviral drugs, which further improve the state of the patient's immune system. Treatment of rashes with antiseptic agents can reduce the area of ​​the lesion and prevent the development of complications. Also, during this period, it is necessary to isolate the patient in order to prevent infection of the surrounding people. From food it is recommended to give preference to vegetable and dairy foods, to ensure abundant drinking and rest, to exclude possible food allergens.

As a prophylaxis for chickenpox, vaccination is carried out according to a special scheme, in which a stable immunity to the virus is formed for 6 years.

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