How To Treat Internal Hemorrhoids

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How To Treat Internal Hemorrhoids
How To Treat Internal Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are varicose veins that are localized in the anal area. The treatment of such an insidious disease must be dealt with thoroughly, otherwise more serious consequences will not be long in coming. The sooner you go to the proctologist, the less chances you have of getting to the operating table.

How to treat internal hemorrhoids
How to treat internal hemorrhoids


  • -candles;
  • - blood thinners;
  • - raw potato juice;
  • - red rowan juice;
  • - olive, castor, sea buckthorn oil.


Step 1

After your visit to your doctor, you will be scheduled for a series of tests, and in some cases even a biopsy. Do not be alarmed to hear this word, because histological examination is carried out as a safety net, and not because cancer is suspected. You should not engage in treatment on your own, it happens that this only complicates the course of the disease, provoking complications.

Step 2

If the disease can be treated with conservative methods, then the doctor will prescribe medications for you: blood thinners, suppositories and microclysters with special agents. Do not decide which medications to start taking without the direction of the proctologist. Not all types of medicines are able to help in various stages of exacerbation, therefore, they are selected individually and only after the conclusion of a doctor. Take the prescribed funds according to a certain scheme, try not to miss a single dose or injection of the medication.

Step 3

As an adjunct treatment, do microclysters with olive, castor, or sea buckthorn oil. Inject about 5-7 ml of any oil into the anus at night, try to keep it in yourself. Improvements will gradually be observed, but without basic treatment, they may not follow.

Step 4

Drink raw potato juice. Chop and squeeze the fruits, and place the resulting liquid in a glass dish. You can also squeeze juice on a juicer. Take 100 ml of juice three times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course of treatment should be approximately 30 days.

Step 5

Drink rowan juice three times a day, 25 ml. You can add honey or sugar. The fruits of the red ashberry have a mild laxative and anti-inflammatory effect. The hemostatic effect of these berries is also noticed.

Step 6

The mild stage of internal hemorrhoids is treated in just one month, especially under the supervision of a specialist. In more complex cases, all of the above means will be powerless. If the doctor advises to carry out surgery, do not be afraid and listen, because medications cannot always cure the disease.

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