Hemorrhoids: How To Avoid Flare-ups

Hemorrhoids: How To Avoid Flare-ups
Hemorrhoids: How To Avoid Flare-ups

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Hemorrhoids as a disease was described by Hippocrates. Statistics show that out of 1000 people on the planet, 200 suffer from them. However, only 19 people out of a thousand go to the doctor.

Hemorrhoids: how to avoid flare-ups
Hemorrhoids: how to avoid flare-ups

The occurrence of hemorrhoids is primarily associated with constipation. Constipation is a disease of our civilization. The food we eat is mostly refined, with a very high degree of purification. Canned food, white bread, salt and sugar are absorbed in the upper parts of the intestine, their undigested particles reach the large intestine in the form of packed dense lumps, which come out with great difficulty.

Constipation occurs due to the fact that we sit a lot, eat improperly and irregularly: "interceptions" at work and food to waste in the evening, smoke cigarettes, abuse alcohol, strong tea and coffee, sit in front of the TV for hours. Heavy physical activity also provokes constipation.

There are some useful tips to help you avoid illness or prevent complications and exacerbations.

  • Such a seemingly simple measure as hygiene of the anus can greatly help with the problem of hemorrhoids. It is necessary every time after stool to wash the anal area with cool water, dry it and lubricate with a nourishing cream. Only this alone can forever get rid of this disease.
  • Proper food is the basis of health, remember: what table, such a "chair". Eat more cereals boiled in water: oatmeal, buckwheat, millet; take vegetable oil 1 - 2 tablespoons a day, preferably on an empty stomach, but you can also in salads. Eat muesli for breakfast instead of sandwiches, oatmeal and cornflakes with kefir, fresh fruits, vegetables, bran and grain bread, drink acidophilus, beefelife.
  • Train your bowels to have a bowel movement. If desired, this can be easily done using herbal laxatives first, and over time, the evacuation process will gradually improve. Better to go to the toilet in the morning after breakfast.
  • Lead an active lifestyle, move more and walk at a brisk pace. Train yourself to do your daily morning exercises. Train your abdominal breathing so that as you inhale and exhale, the abdominal wall rises and falls, massaging the intestines and stimulating blood circulation in the pelvis.
  • For representatives of "sedentary" professions, for example, drivers, special massage seat covers can be advised. The seat should not be too soft.
  • For conservative treatment, laxative herbs are used, best of all is a decoction of buckthorn bark, half a glass at night, hemorrhoidal suppositories and ointments. Ointments containing heparin and the presence of analgesic substances and hormones are effective: "Heparin", "Troxevasin", "Procto-Glivenol", etc. They must be used 2 times a day, always after stool.
  • Never use hot baths, poultices, or steam rooms. Make cool lotions from a decoction of herbs - chamomile, calendula, oak bark, or buy "lead water" at the pharmacy for lotions, which are used up to 8 times a day.
  • It is good to take herbal laxative preparations: 2 parts of peppermint leaves, 1 part of dill, valerian root - 2 parts. A tablespoon of the mixture is poured with a glass of boiling water and insisted until it cools. Drink 1/4 cup warm in the morning and evening.

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