What Is A Low Placenta

What Is A Low Placenta
What Is A Low Placenta

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The placenta is a special organ that forms during pregnancy in a woman, through which blood is exchanged between the mother's body and the fetus.

With a low placenta, consultations with a gynecologist are especially important
With a low placenta, consultations with a gynecologist are especially important

The normal location of the placenta is along the front or back wall of the uterus closer to its bottom. One of the pathological options is the low location of the placenta, when its lower edge is less than 6 cm from the internal os of the cervix.

There are many reasons that can lead to such a pathology: fibroids, underdevelopment of the uterus, inflammatory diseases of the uterus, abortion or cesarean section in the past. This also happens with multiple pregnancies.

The lower part of the uterus is relatively poor in blood vessels, therefore, with a low placenta, the fetus receives significantly less oxygen and nutrients. As the fetus grows, pressure on the placenta increases, there is a threat of its detachment, which threatens a miscarriage.

Symptoms in which a low location of the placenta is suspected are abdominal pain and bleeding. It is slight at first, but later it can become abundant. Such symptoms should be immediately reported to the obstetrician-gynecologist with whom the pregnant woman is registered. However, the low location of the percentage may not manifest itself in any way, in this case it is detected by the doctor during a planned ultrasound scan.

To clarify the diagnosis, a laboratory blood test is performed, if necessary, amniography and arteriography.

There is no treatment to correct the position of the placenta, but the negative consequences of its low position can be minimized. In such cases, doctors prescribe to pregnant women drugs that reduce the tone of the uterus, as well as glucocorticoid hormones.

A pregnant woman with a low placenta should be extremely careful: avoid physical activity, do not make sudden movements. Even sitting down and lying down should be very careful, and in the supine position, you should put a pillow under your feet. Sexual life with a low location of the placenta is completely contraindicated.

This pathology requires especially careful monitoring of the pregnant woman. Along with routine examinations, regular monitoring of the fetal heart rate should be carried out. If the gynecologist recommends going to the hospital to maintain the pregnancy, you cannot refuse.

In some cases, the low-lying placenta partially or completely overlaps the cervical pharynx - then they speak of partial or complete placenta previa. In this case, natural childbirth is impossible, you have to do a cesarean section. The indication for this operation is the location of the placenta 2 cm from the edge of the throat.

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