Why Does The Heart Hurt During Pregnancy?

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Why Does The Heart Hurt During Pregnancy?
Why Does The Heart Hurt During Pregnancy?

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Simultaneously with bearing a child, a woman's body undergoes large-scale changes, restructuring and stress. Therefore, expectant mothers often complain of pain in the heart, suspecting various pathologies and starting to panic. In fact, this condition is often a fairly common indicator for the period of pregnancy.

Why does the heart hurt during pregnancy?
Why does the heart hurt during pregnancy?


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Pregnant women gain significant weight, so their heart, which is experiencing increased stress, begins to beat much harder. In addition, painful sensations in the heart area can cause changes in the weather, uncomfortable body position, stale air in the room, stress and excitement. Often, the heart in pregnant women begins to ache due to vegetative-vascular dystonia or intercostal neuralgia. For the fetus, these conditions do not pose a danger, but the excitement about them can very much harm him.

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If pain in the heart is accompanied by severe swelling of the legs and headaches, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor and do a series of tests. In this case, the cause may be hypertension of pregnant women, which can turn into late toxicosis and significantly complicate the bearing of a child. Often, painful sensations in the heart, accompanied by a rapid heartbeat, are a symptom of iron deficiency anemia, in which the doctor will prescribe iron supplements and concomitant treatment.

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In order not to provoke the appearance of pain in the heart or worsen the discomfort that has already begun, a pregnant woman needs to introduce into her diet balanced and rational substances in the form of vitamins and trace elements contained in fresh and healthy food. It is also imperative to give up smoking and alcohol, strictly control weight gain and lead a moderately active lifestyle, while doing a sport that a doctor may advise - for example, swimming.

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Also, to strengthen the cardiovascular system, women during pregnancy need to drink a sufficient amount of clean water - at least one and a half liters per day. In this case, it is important not to overdo it with liquid, so as not to overload the kidneys. Eaten foods should contain a lot of calcium, potassium and fatty acids - for example, Brussels sprouts and asparagus will help improve heart function. When heart pains appear, it is not recommended to take Corvalol, which is strictly contraindicated for pregnant women - it is better to give preference to more harmless and natural valerian tablets.

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