Prostatitis: Treatment And Prevention

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Prostatitis: Treatment And Prevention
Prostatitis: Treatment And Prevention

Treatment and prevention of prostatitis is a difficult task aimed at eliminating causative factors, improving blood circulation in the organ, increasing the body's resistance and correcting lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle - prevention of prostatitis
Healthy lifestyle - prevention of prostatitis

Treatment of prostatitis

Treatment of prostatitis should be comprehensive, competently and individually selected. It includes the following activities: antibacterial therapy, physiotherapy, prostate massage, immunocorrection, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Only after observing all medical recommendations and carrying out a full course of therapeutic measures can the desired result be achieved.

Antibiotic therapy is necessary for prostatitis, since the cause of the disease is an infectious agent. Antimicrobial drugs are prescribed after testing to identify the pathogen and determine its sensitivity to antibiotics. The duration of treatment is strictly individual, but on average it is 5-7 days. If there is no visible improvement in the patient's condition within three days from the start of treatment, the drug is replaced with an antibiotic from another pharmacological group.

Physiotherapy for prostatitis is a rather effective component of the treatment of this ailment. Most often, the following physiotherapeutic methods are used: laser exposure, electromagnetic oscillations, an increase in temperature in the rectum, ultrasound waves.

Prostate massage is not the most pleasant procedure that causes painful sensations and psychological discomfort in men. This is due to the prolonged knee-elbow position and the feeling of the urologist's moving finger in the anus. The effect of the massage is to remove the inflamed secretion through the ducts into the urethra and improve blood circulation in the gland, which increases the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy.

To prevent the recurrence of inflammation in the prostate and the negative effect of antibiotic therapy on the state of the immune system, immunocorrection is required. The selection of such drugs is carried out by an immunologist after receiving the results of a number of special tests.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, optimizing sleep and wakefulness, regular physical activity, proper nutrition are necessary not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of disease.

Prevention of prostatitis

The main goal of preventive measures is to eliminate predisposing factors and prevent the disease.

Prostatitis prevention rules:

Long distance daily outdoor walks.

Exercising, including squats and jumps, as well as regular stair climbs, are essential when leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Training of the muscles of the perineum is carried out several times a day. To do this, alternately straining and relaxing the muscles of the perineum and buttocks. Just ten exercises a day is enough to increase blood circulation in the prostate.

A contrast shower in the area of ​​the scrotum and penis enhances local immunity.

It is necessary to have regular sex life with a regular partner.

Professional massage of the lumbar and sacral spine is recommended twice a year.

Correct balanced diet with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.

All of the above activities help maintain normal blood circulation in the prostate gland and improve local immunity. By regularly performing such procedures, it is possible to prevent and prevent stagnant inflammation in the prostate.

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