Why Chicken Is Allergic

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Why Chicken Is Allergic
Why Chicken Is Allergic

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About a third of Russians suffer from various forms of allergy. The most common types of allergies are called household and food allergies. The first arises as a result of the body's reaction to dust, pollen from domestic plants. The second is irritation in response to various food allergens. Most often, there is an allergy to citrus and cereal foods. However, there have been cases of allergies to meat, especially chicken.

Why chicken is allergic
Why chicken is allergic

Allergic reactions to chicken, according to doctors, are quite rare. However, they still have a place to be. And there can be quite a few reasons for such reactions of the body.

Why does chicken allergy appear?

Food allergens in chicken meat can be caused by the fact that in modern farms, poultry is often fed with antibiotics to avoid any infections and death of livestock. These antibiotics accumulate in meat and then act as a catalyst that triggers allergic processes.

It is worth remembering that most of the drugs that feed the birds accumulate in the breast. To a lesser extent, they are found in the thighs of the chicken.

Another reason a person may develop a chicken allergy is an intolerance to animal protein. According to statistics, this phenomenon is most often manifested in children and takes about 5% of all diagnosed allergic reactions.

An allergy to chicken meat indicates a rather serious problem with the immune system, because a person rarely consumes raw chicken. And during freezing and defrosting and subsequent cooking, allergens in meat are destroyed. And if even after that a person reacts to them, it is worth taking tests to determine why the reaction is taking place.

If a person is allergic to animal hair, it is highly likely that they will develop an allergy to meat.

How to diagnose chicken allergy

It is necessary to diagnose allergies to meat products in general and chicken in particular in order to avoid a lack of iron in the body. After all, insufficient intake of animal protein leads to the development of anemia. She, in turn, becomes a rather serious test for the body.

To diagnose allergy to chicken meat, the method of donating blood for specific immunoglobulins is most often used. It is they who are able to show the presence of allergens in the blood with the highest possible accuracy.

Symptoms of a meat allergy

It is worth taking tests and making an appointment with an allergist if, after you have eaten chicken, you have:

- upset of the gastrointestinal tract;

- the appearance of a rash on the skin, red spots, peeling;

- the appearance of a cold;

- attacks of suffocation.

As a rule, manifestations of allergy to chicken meat are noted 5-6 hours after eating. If they appeared later, it is possible that another stimulus was the cause of their appearance.

When symptoms of chicken allergy appear, you should be prepared for the fact that chicken eggs will have to be excluded from the diet. It is also worth worrying about removing bedding (featherbeds, pillows, etc.) if they are filled with chicken fluff.

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