Why Is A Caesarean Section Harmful?

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Why Is A Caesarean Section Harmful?
Why Is A Caesarean Section Harmful?

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Once upon a time, a caesarean section was performed only when the life of the mother or child, and sometimes both of them, was in serious danger. Today this operation has become a routine procedure and sometimes it is chosen just like that, wishing to avoid grasping pains. Nevertheless, the caesarean was and remains a serious interference in the body and even poses a danger to the health of a woman.

Why is a caesarean section harmful?
Why is a caesarean section harmful?

Reasons for a cesarean section

There are not so few reasons for giving birth by caesarean section. It can be complications that suddenly arise in the process of natural childbirth that threaten the life of the mother and her child, the state of health of the woman in labor, the wrong position of the fetus in the uterus, multiple pregnancy, and sometimes this serious operation in the full sense of the word is performed solely at the request of the woman or the insistence of a doctor who It is much more convenient to plan an operative birth than to wait until the baby is born on its own.

Operational complications

And although cesarean has become a routine procedure, it has not become completely safe from this. Like any other abdominal surgery, it is associated with many risks and can even be fatal. The biggest danger of a caesarean section is the high blood loss during it. The pregnant uterus is very well supplied with blood and sometimes the bleeding from the cut wound becomes so severe that there is a need for blood transfusions, sometimes repeated.

Even the most experienced doctor is not immune from accidents while working with a scalpel, so accidental cuts in the surrounding organs - the bladder or intestines - are not such a rarity. And even if the damage was noticed and eliminated in time, adhesions can form in its place, which can significantly worsen the quality of a woman's life in the future.

Sometimes the child gets it during the operation. Cuts to the head and soft tissues or abrasions will quickly heal, but they will have time to deliver a lot of unpleasant experiences to young parents and doctors too.

Babies born by caesarean section are more likely to have breathing difficulties.

Complications after surgery

But even if the operation was quite successful, there are also postoperative complications. Not all wounds heal quickly and without leaving a trace. Suture inflammation, infection, pain - all this has to be reckoned with for a newly born woman, who would rather spend time communicating with her baby with much greater pleasure than eliminating health problems.

In addition, it should be remembered that if the first-born is born by caesarean section, then with a probability of 95% his brothers and sisters will also be forced to be born in the same way. At the same time, the possibility of placenta previa during the next pregnancy increases by 60%, and this circumstance may even cause miscarriage.

During the gestation of a subsequent pregnancy, it will be necessary to consider the likelihood of a suture divergence from a cesarean section.

Why is it bad for a child

There is also a quite authoritative medical opinion that although a cesarean section is a more gentle procedure for a child than a normal birth, it nevertheless has a negative effect on his health. Passing through the birth canal, the child undergoes a kind of massage designed to "wake up" the baby. In addition, at the same time, he manages to pick up bacteria, which subsequently colonize the alimentary tract and contribute to normal digestion. Caesarean section deprives the child of these benefits, so it is not worth resorting to it unnecessarily.

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