How To Increase Your Pain Threshold

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How To Increase Your Pain Threshold
How To Increase Your Pain Threshold

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The pain threshold is the measure of patience that can be called the main one from the point of view of the resilience of a person's character. It is different for each person, but women in general are more susceptible to pain. From the point of view of the theory of evolution, the pain threshold is an atavism that came down to modern man from his ancestors. It is characteristic of all living beings and is controlled by instincts and unconditioned reflexes. But he can and should be trained if you use some technique. Patience for pain as a parameter, both physical and psychological, must be trained in both of these planes.

durability test
durability test


  • - medium weight sports equipment, for example, kettlebells or dumbbells;
  • - boxing bag or punching bag;
  • - sports mat.


Step 1

Take a round wooden stick and wrap a layer of cotton cloth around it. Choose a layer of canvas such that the pain is tolerable with a sufficiently strong elbow impact. Unwind or add the canvas the way you need it. Secure it so that it can take many hits without sliding off the stick.

Step 2

Start hitting yourself first on the arms, which are the parts of the body most resistant to pain, then on the legs, shoulders, back and abdomen. Hit it so that it hurts a little. This effect can be achieved gradually, increasing the power of the blows both from workout to workout, and during each of them. Choose the duration of the blows for each part of the body individually, but try to keep the total training time not less than 15 and not more than 30 minutes. After finishing the exercises, walk and restore your breathing. In the future, reduce the layer of the canvas until you completely remove it.

Step 3

Pick up weights or dumbbells and do a set of exercises for the whole body. The movements can be completely different. But the complex must necessarily include exercises for the legs, abs, back, chest, shoulders, arms, and neck. This part of the workout should last at least half an hour. Upon completion, restore breathing and rest.

Step 4

Walk up to a pear or sack and kick and kick. In this case, you need to beat not only with your fist and shin, but also with the edge of the palm, wrist, elbow, knee, the inside of the forearm - everything with which you are generally capable of striking. Maintain your workout at a moderate pace. While doing the exercises, watch your breathing, inhaling when replacing, exhaling when hitting. Work in this way for 10-15 minutes, then rest and proceed to the next final workout - stretching.

Step 5

Get into whatever position you feel comfortable on the mat and begin stretching. As before, they can be completely different. The main thing is to stretch the maximum number of ligaments on all limbs, as well as the spine and neck. After that, take a contrast shower and take a short walk to appreciate the work done and recover.

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