How To Quickly Restore Energy

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How To Quickly Restore Energy
How To Quickly Restore Energy
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Lack of energy, stress, constant chronic fatigue - all this is familiar to many modern people firsthand. At the root of all these problems is a lack of personal energy, the expenditure of which is not recovered properly. Living at a similar pace results in various illnesses.

How to quickly restore energy
How to quickly restore energy


breathing exercises


Step 1

Pay attention to your breathing. Oxygen starvation, which most people experience, prevents the cells of the body from completely free of toxins, resulting in many health problems. City life and office work are not conducive to full breathing, which makes it very difficult to recharge. There are special breathing exercises that help to restore energy quickly. They can and should be done during the working day.

Step 2

Choose breathing exercises as an alternative to a smoke break. Starting position: while standing or sitting, straighten your back, relax your abdominal and back muscles. In a semicircular movement, gently move your shoulders back and up, while relaxing the muscles of the neck. Keep your chin straight or slightly up. This is the "posture of stability", it gives confidence. With this position of the body, the energy moves freely along the spine.

Step 3

Clasp your fingers in the lock, for the count of one or two, while inhaling, vigorously raise them, turning your palms up; for a count of three or four as you exhale, just as vigorously lower them to chest level. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times - this "recharge" will be enough for you for one or two hours. In front of the open window, the positive effect will greatly increase.

Step 4

If you have just experienced a stressful situation, take a starting position similar to the previous exercise. Inhale for the count of two, hold your breath for the count of three or four, exhale for the count of three or four. Repeat these steps until your heart rate is even, then breathe evenly. Controlling your breathing can help you distract yourself, calm your nerves, and solve a problem without overwhelming emotions.

Step 5

In the case when you need to quickly recharge your energy before a public speech, passing an exam, etc., breathing exercises will also help. The starting position is the same as in the previous cases, for the count of one or two, take a smooth breath, for three - hold your breath, exhale for four. Repeat the cycle 5-8 times.

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