How To Treat A Cold On The Lower Lip

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How To Treat A Cold On The Lower Lip
How To Treat A Cold On The Lower Lip
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A cold on the lip can upset anyone. Not only does it cause discomfort due to burning or itching sensations, it also significantly spoils the appearance of a person. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely get rid of the herpes virus, but you can put it to sleep for a while.

How to treat a cold on the lower lip
How to treat a cold on the lower lip

The herpes virus, which causes colds on the lip, is present in 80% of the world's population. It can live in the human body for many years without showing itself in any way. But it is worth undermining the immune system due to hypothermia or stress, herpes makes itself felt, "blooming" on the lips.

Herpes is spread by direct contact such as kissing, airborne droplets, and personal hygiene items. Passing through protective barriers, herpes is embedded in the human genetic code and falls asleep, waiting in the wings.

Stages of development of a cold on the lip

A cold begins with a tingling sensation. Outwardly, it is still difficult to notice anything, but painful sensations of tingling, burning or itching are a signal of an incipient illness.

At the site of redness and burning, small transparent bubbles with liquid inside appear. They can grow in size by connecting to each other. After the bubbles reach their maximum size, they burst. During this period, the patient is most contagious to his environment.

At the site of the bursting bubble, a crust forms, under which the ulcer heals. The most important thing at this stage is not to touch it with your hands and in no case rip it off.

Treatment for colds on the lip

It is impossible to get rid of herpes at all, but you can alleviate the symptoms of the course of the disease. There are special ointments and creams that speed up the healing process of the common cold.

"Acyclovir" ("Zovirax", "Virolex", "Gerpevir") is embedded in DNA chains, blocking the spread of the virus. With frequent use of these remedies, the body can get used to it, and the drugs will stop helping. Penciclovir (Fenistil, Pencivir, Vectavir) also blocks the development of the virus in the DNA of infected cells.

It is necessary to lubricate the sore spot with a medicinal cream every 2-3 hours. It relieves pain and promotes rapid healing of damaged tissues.

From folk remedies, you can use mint toothpaste. The sore spot should be lubricated before bedtime.

In parallel with the use of creams and ointments, you can use medicines to strengthen the immune system, eat more vitamins, do not squeeze out bubbles and do not peel off the crusts. For the prevention of herpes, it is recommended to avoid hypothermia, not to run or carry colds on the legs. People who practice hardening experience much less colds on their lips.

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