How To Escape The Heat

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How To Escape The Heat
How To Escape The Heat

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In winter, we cry for summer, when summer comes, we ask the universe to return us to the winter cold. Moreover, more and more cases of abnormally hot summer are repeated.

Everyone escapes the heat as best they can
Everyone escapes the heat as best they can


Step 1

Air conditioner. This is a classic of the genre. The most effective and common way to escape the heat. But keep in mind that air conditioners dry the air very much, and dry air is harmful to the human body, especially children. And yet, there are a lot of cases when a person catches a cold in an abnormal heat. Just because I was in a room where the air conditioner was running at full capacity. Be careful with this.

Step 2

Fan. Of course, it is not as effective protection against heat as an air conditioner, but there is one little secret. It is necessary to put under its air flow several bottles of water that have been in the freezer for 5-6 hours. Then the air hitting you will be cold.

Step 3

A cold shower in the heat is a very useful procedure. But don't jump into a cold shower if you've never done it before. You can start with cold foot baths - instantly cools, relieves stress and fatigue.

Step 4

Hike to the forest for mushrooms. In the forest, as a rule, it is much cooler than in the city. We combine the pleasant with the useful - what could be more pleasant.

Step 5

Swimming in the river. This is a very popular heat protection method. But here it is worth considering a very important point. The sun sticks to a wet body with even greater force. So it is better to swim in a shaded place and immediately hide in the shade when leaving the water.

Step 6

Go to rest in a country where it is not so hot. Personally, I kept saving myself from the abnormal heat in 2010, when all of Moscow was shrouded in a haze. My husband and I had a honeymoon, we left for Hungary, and it was much cooler there. When I returned to Moscow, I did not believe the stories of my friends until I saw photographs of people wearing masks on the subway.

Step 7

Put on wet clothes. Until it dries, you will feel lighter. Carry a spray bottle with you so that you can re-wet your clothes and the interlocutor's clothes at any time.

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