Why Do You Need Gaskets

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Why Do You Need Gaskets
Why Do You Need Gaskets

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Every woman on this planet knows what menstruation is and how many difficulties arise in order to protect underwear and clothes from menstrual blood. What ladies “these days” didn’t come up with to keep clean. To help them, gaskets were invented, which had come a long way of renovation, in order to become a woman's lifesaver today.

Why do you need gaskets
Why do you need gaskets

Gasket history

Even in ancient Egypt, women tried to collect menstrual blood using papyrus folded in several layers. In the records of Hippocrates, it is mentioned that the ancient Romans put wooden sticks wrapped in cloth in their clothes. From time immemorial, any materials have been used: animal skin, grass and moss, sea sponges, wool, ash, sawdust, pieces of fabric. For this purpose, some women used a folded cloth lined with cotton wool. During the Renaissance, special bags were in vogue, which were tied to the belt and fixed between the legs. In general, in ancient scriptures it is almost impossible to find any information about how women coped with inconveniences, because most often, especially in rural areas, women did nothing, letting menstrual blood simply flow down their legs. This was the case until the middle of the 19th century, when the first industrial gaskets appeared. This "apparatus" for collecting blood was fastened in the form of a belt and tightly fitted the thighs and the area between the legs, because it is known that the underwear of that era was loose cut and no lining materials could hold in the pantaloons. Jansen's menstrual brace, as the device was called, was patented in 1858, and has since begun its commercial distribution. However, this product was so expensive that it took several years before women could feel its convenience and afford to buy it. In 1878, Korff's disposable pads were patented, which were still attached to the belt. In the following years, almost every year, new manufacturers of these intimate goods appeared, offering pads attached to the belt. The gaskets as we know them were invented only in the 70s. 20th century, finding a response from the mass buyer only in the nineties.

What you need to know about gaskets

First of all, pads are needed to help a woman stay dry and clean during menstruation. Modern panty liners are easy to use: you just need to tear off the protective tape and glue the panty liner. Super absorbent pads (four to five stars) are required for those days when the discharge is most intense, as well as for night use. Panty liners from three stars and below and ultra-thin pads are needed for those days when your period is coming to an end. Also, for not very intense discharge, options without wings are available, although, by all accounts, pads with wings are more convenient to use, since they do not allow the pad to wrinkle and fix it more firmly on the underwear.

To avoid unpleasant odors and bacteria growth, the gaskets must be changed every 4 hours. If you are bleeding heavily, you may need to change your pads more often. It must be remembered that even at the end of menstruation, when the discharge has significantly decreased, you cannot keep one pad throughout the day, because this can threaten a bacterial or fungal infection.

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