Allergy: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

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Allergy: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes
Allergy: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

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Allergy is an unusual reaction of the immune system to the introduction of an allergen from the outside into the body. In turn, an allergen is a substance that provokes a reaction. These often include: pollen, dust, animal hair, mold, food, and insects.

Allergy: symptoms, treatment, causes
Allergy: symptoms, treatment, causes

Often, allergies are inherited, although everyone may have their own propensity for it. The reaction to the allergen is of a delayed and immediate type. Allergy symptoms can start at any time. It is often caused by substances to which there have never been any adverse reactions.

Why does allergy appear?

Allergies appear with improper nutrition, non-compliance with a healthy lifestyle. High consumption of refined and processed foods, which contain a huge number of chemicals, can also trigger allergic reactions. Constant stress and emotional overload can trigger allergies. There are frequent cases when an allergy occurs to drugs.

Allergy symptoms

Allergy symptoms are manifested by hives, which can cover the entire body, rhinitis, eczema, itching, lacrimation, up to allergic asthma. Sometimes allergies are manifested by intestinal disorders, abdominal pain. Symptoms can include headaches, dizziness, depression, conjunctivitis, and neuralgia. Different clinical manifestations can be caused in different people by the same allergen.

Allergy treatment

The disease is treated only by excluding contact with the allergen. The medications you take will only relieve or reduce the symptoms, they will not cure it. With the help of a collection of tests for laboratory research, an allergen is revealed that spoils the normal course of life.

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