Frigidity In Women: Causes Of

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Frigidity In Women: Causes Of
Frigidity In Women: Causes Of

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Frigidity is the complete absence or reduced need for a girl in sexual relations. Female frigidity is accompanied by discomfort during sex, a feeling of disgust for intercourse or a partner. In this case, the girl may not experience an orgasm at all.

Frigidity in women: causes of
Frigidity in women: causes of

Causes of female frigidity

Frigidity can arise from physical trauma from a bad sexual experience, physical disgust for a sexual partner, attempted rape, intense fear of getting pregnant, or the experience of not having an orgasm. Persistent depression can also cause frigidity.

A congenital malformation in the development of the genitals can also serve as the appearance of female frigidity. Sometimes, it occurs due to serious inflammatory diseases, which are obstacles during lovemaking. In this case, it is necessary to treat the physiological causes that caused the disease. The girl needs to seek qualified help from an endocrinologist or gynecologist. Temporary loss of libido may be the result of severe mental fatigue or vitamin deficiency.

Signs of female frigidity

Frigidity is accompanied by various symptoms. At the moment of intimacy, unpleasant sensations may appear, the girl may enjoy sex, but at the same time not achieve orgasm.

Of course, a lot depends on the partner, his patience, tenderness, ability to satisfy his woman. It is very important for a man to establish a trusting relationship with his partner in order to understand what will give a woman pleasure. We must try to overcome the girl’s shyness, which could be caused by bad sexual experience or strict upbringing. Also, a woman needs to find her erogenous zones.

Studies have shown that most women just have insensitive vaginas. Therefore, to obtain an orgasm, additional stimulation of the clitoris is required. The problem is that often a woman is embarrassed to inform her partner about it.

In any case, in order to accurately establish the causes of frigidity in a woman, you need to contact a psychologist and gynecologist.

Treatment of frigidity

Psychologists advise to create a romantic atmosphere before sex so that both partners can completely relax and not think about problems. Take your time.

In the treatment of frigidity, traditional medicine has proven its effectiveness. Damiana plant is a powerful female aphrodisiac. It is enough to brew the leaves of the plant like regular tea and drink a couple of hours before the date. Thanks to this plant, the production of hormones begins, contributing to the appearance of erotic dreams and fantasies.

Of course, you should not fully rely on folk remedies. If frigidity is observed in a woman for a long time, it is imperative to seek medical help.

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