Why Do Stars Appear Before My Eyes

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Why Do Stars Appear Before My Eyes
Why Do Stars Appear Before My Eyes

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From time to time, a person notices black dots that resemble stars in front of his eyes. And when he turns his gaze, they do not disappear, but swim across, also appearing in the field of view. Black dots in front of the eyes do not cause severe discomfort and do not pose a danger, but in certain cases they can serve as symptoms of serious eye diseases. First you need to consider why stars appear before your eyes.

Why do stars appear before my eyes
Why do stars appear before my eyes

Reasons for the appearance

The appearance of floating stars in front of the eyes can be caused by a phenomenon called vitreous opacity. The eye is designed in such a way that the space between the retina and the lens is filled with a gel-like substance called the vitreous humor. Dead cells and decay products are concentrated in it and over time form point areas. The blackheads seen by humans are actually shadows from such areas on the lens.

The reasons for these destructive changes:

- age-related changes;

- vascular diseases;

- eye injuries;

- disturbed metabolism;

- infectious diseases.

In most cases, the appearance of asterisks before the eyes does not serve as a threatening factor, but in certain cases you need to worry and immediately consult a doctor. When not one asterisk flies in front of the eye, but a large number, this may indicate intraocular bleeding.

If the symptom is accompanied by blurred vision and sudden flashes of light, retinal detachment may be the cause. In these cases, a quick visit to a doctor may serve as the only chance to preserve vision. In addition, blackheads in front of your eyes can be temporary, caused by sudden surges in blood pressure or fatigue. In this case, the asterisks are not a separate disease, but only a symptom that is quickly eliminated along with the cause of its appearance. A good rest is enough if the reason is overwork, or taking the necessary medications, if the appearance of asterisks is the result of high blood pressure.

Treating blackheads before the eyes

If the cause of the floating blackheads before the eyes is clouding of the vitreous humor, and they are not a sign of a serious illness, this problem does not require serious treatment. Surgical or laser methods of treatment are not used in these cases, since the possible results of the operation are more serious than the slight discomfort that can cause the presence of these points in front of the eyes.

In addition, most people eventually stop paying attention to them, and some of the stars may simply disappear from sight. However, if blackheads appear before the eyes, it is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist.

Usually, eye drops, B vitamins, and drugs to improve metabolism are used to treat this disease. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the strain on the eyes, do visual gymnastics and have vision checked at least once a year. These measures are more preventive and aimed at preventing the development of the disease. It will not be possible to finally solve the problem.

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