How To Get Rid Of Painful Urination

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How To Get Rid Of Painful Urination
How To Get Rid Of Painful Urination
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Painful sensations during urination are a sure sign of diseases of the genitourinary system. These include: inflammatory processes, sexually transmitted infections, urolithiasis.

Painful urination is a symptom of diseases of the urinary system
Painful urination is a symptom of diseases of the urinary system

Causes of pain during urination

Pain during urination may be accompanied by other symptoms: frequent urge to use the toilet, the formation of a large amount of urine. They occur with inflammation of the bladder - cystitis. It is very dangerous to start the disease, it is impossible to suppress the pain with painkillers, it is necessary to eliminate the cause. After intercourse, pain may also occur when urinating. This is considered normal if the problem soon goes away by itself and does not bother the person much.

Cystitis treatment

The doctor can accurately determine the cause of such an ailment. In women, cystitis is often the cause of pain when urinating. The disease occurs due to the entry of pathogens into the bladder, which multiply very quickly there. Sometimes urine comes out with an admixture of blood, there is a frequent urge to go to the toilet, and the lower abdomen aches. In these cases, it is necessary to drink more fluids, exclude the consumption of milk, cheese, yogurt. You can put a warm heating pad between your legs or on your stomach. Every three hours, drink a glass of water in which a teaspoon of baking soda is dissolved. This will help relieve the burning sensation. Cystitis can later become the cause of more serious diseases, since the bacteria that enter it spread throughout the body. In any case, you will need a doctor's consultation. In acute cystitis, the drug "Manural" is prescribed. It is safe and used to treat pregnant women and children. It is necessary to observe the hygiene of the genitals, wear linen made from natural fabrics, and exclude tight clothing.

Urolithiasis disease

Urolithiasis can cause painful urination. In this case, there is simply an urge without urine output. Kidney stones must be removed so that they do not block the passages in the urinary tract. Sometimes the stones come out on their own thanks to the use of diuretics.

Infectious diseases

Men and women are susceptible to the following sexually transmitted infections: trichomoniasis, chlamydia, gonorrhea. They disrupt the work of the urinary system. When the infection hits the prostate gland, it causes swelling. In such cases, medical treatment is necessary. Only a doctor can prescribe it. Drinking plenty of fluids will help alleviate the condition, cranberry juice helps very well. So the body is cleansed of pathogens of inflammation, removes their waste products outside. It is necessary to exclude sweet, starchy foods, alcohol, carbonated drinks from your diet.

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