Best Skin Allergy Cream In Adults: An Overview

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Best Skin Allergy Cream In Adults: An Overview
Best Skin Allergy Cream In Adults: An Overview
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Best skin allergy cream in adults: an overview
Best skin allergy cream in adults: an overview

Allergy is an unusual reaction in the body to a certain pathogen, which in this case will be called an allergen. It can manifest itself in several forms. A person, upon contact with an allergen, may begin to sneeze, sometimes tearing, runny nose, redness on the skin, headache and even destabilization of digestion appear. There are many factors in the environment that can cause allergic reactions in some categories of people. If there is hives, then a cream for skin allergies in adults can help.

Major allergens

Allergic reactions can occur upon contact with an allergen, which may be of natural origin or of a chemical nature. What are natural allergens?

  • The pollen of some plants, when it gets on the mucous membranes, can cause an allergic reaction. Among the most famous plants are ragweed during the flowering period, wormwood, conifers, cereals, ficus, fern, azalea and others.
  • Poplar fluff is one of the most common irritants.
  • Mold fungus - the cause may be high humidity in the room or soil from the garden in a flower pot.
  • Wool of pets, as well as their waste products. This is not only about porridges and dogs, this also applies to hamsters and other rodents, as well as parrots and so on.
  • Food - there are people who have an unusual body reaction to honey, seafood, some grains and cereals, eggs, nuts, some spices, and even dairy products.
  • An allergic reaction often occurs with insect bites such as wasps, bees, ants, mosquitoes, and so on.

This is the main list of allergens that naturally occur in the environment. It is sometimes incredibly difficult to avoid contact with them, so in such situations it is often necessary to use various drugs that block the occurrence of an allergic reaction. Allergy can manifest itself immediately after contact with the pathogen or when it accumulates to a certain amount. From the moment of contact with the allergen, it can take from several minutes to several weeks, after which a non-standard reaction will begin to appear.

Allergens of unnatural origin

Allergies can be caused not only by some natural factors or plants, but also by products invented by man as a result of scientific and technological progress. These include:

  • Chemicals - powders, detergents, and so on.
  • Tobacco smoke.
  • Dyes in food, including alcoholic beverages.
  • Nutritional supplements.
  • Metal jewelry.

If the reaction to the allergen occurred instantly, then this suggests that it is better to stop contact with this object and not repeat such mistakes in the future.

Symptoms of pathology

In order to determine that there is an allergy, it is necessary to observe the moment at which the reaction manifested itself and with what it may be connected. It is also necessary to know some of the main symptoms of allergies in order to have a clear idea of ​​how the disease may develop. The main symptoms of allergy are as follows:

  • skin rashes, urticaria;
  • if an allergy manifests itself to a food product after its direct use inside, then numbness of the tongue may be observed, as well as a loss of taste;
  • nausea up to vomiting;
  • digestive disorders;
  • rhinitis; dizziness;
  • headaches;
  • labored breathing;
  • drops in blood pressure; sneezing;
  • nasal congestion;
  • nervous stress conditions;
  • lacrimation;
  • suffocation; tachycardia.

It becomes very difficult to endure the presence of such symptoms, in order to alleviate the patient's condition, it is necessary to take proven drugs, which should be at hand for allergy sufferers.

Allergy to the skin

Most allergens show up on the surface of the skin in the form of rashes called hives. What is urticaria? It can be accompanied by itching and flaking of the skin, rashes and acne. If there is a reaction of the body, which is manifested by external changes, then it is advisable to apply local treatment in such situations. For this, a cream for skin allergies in adults is used. They are of different types depending on the origin of the allergen.


Hormonal drugs for allergies

In case of non-standard reactions of the body to an allergen, a cream for skin allergies in adults is used, hormonal preparations often take place. If the cause of the allergy lies in hormonal changes in the body, then it is advisable to use hormonal-type creams. They should be prescribed exclusively by medical specialists in the field. It is contraindicated to use such funds on your own, since you can cause even more harm to the body.

What skin allergy cream is recommended for adults? Among the most famous and effective local antiallergic drugs, the following should be noted:

  1. Akriderm;
  2. Afloderm;
  3. "Advantan";
  4. Hydrocortisone;
  5. "Prednisolone";
  6. "Kutiveit";
  7. Dermovate and others.

Skin allergy cream in adults should be used with extreme caution, before using it is worth examining the side reactions that may occur.

Non-hormonal drugs for allergies

If you need a cream for skin allergies in adults, non-hormonal products have advantages along with other products of similar action. If the allergy is of a non-hormonal nature, then it is rational to take care of improving the patient's condition with the help of ointments or cream. They can have different effects and side effects, they must be used with caution. Some of these funds can be used for children from the first days of life.

Effective allergy remedies

If you choose a cream for skin allergies, it will not be superfluous to study reviews about them. For allergies, antihistamines can be used, among which are the well-known "Fenistil" and "Psilo-balm". Their effect is in some way specific, they do not eliminate the cause itself, but fight the symptoms, that is, they can eliminate redness, rashes, itching, peeling and other external manifestations of an allergic reaction.

If an allergic reaction manifests itself as a result of inflammation, then it would be advisable to pay attention to such drugs that can also be used for children from the first days of life, since they do not have a large list of possible side effects. These are "Protopic" and "Elidel".


Reviews of non-hormonal drugs

Are you buying an adult skin allergy cream? The instruction is one of the most important selection criteria. If we compare anti-allergy drugs in terms of effectiveness and versatility for various types of rashes, then non-hormonal drugs have more advantages along with hormonal ones. The non-hormonal cream for skin allergies in adults has more advantages, there are different reviews about them. Among the side effects and contraindications to the use of such funds, only the individual intolerance of some of the components that are included in the composition is usually indicated. Patients say that such drugs effectively eliminate the external manifestations of the body's allergic reactions to the pathogen. If the skin is damaged, then the healing process with the use of funds occurs at an accelerated pace. Many testify that the spread of hives and other damage to the skin slows down and stops completely.It is also pleasing that such funds can be used for children, as well as for pregnant women and women during lactation. They do not cause hormonal changes in the body, which can often lead to gaining extra pounds.

If you choose a cream for skin allergies in adults, the effectiveness of each of them will be different. Despite the versatility of non-hormonal drugs, they must still be prescribed by specialists and used under their clear guidance and supervision.

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