If There Is No Feeling Of Hunger During Pregnancy

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If There Is No Feeling Of Hunger During Pregnancy
If There Is No Feeling Of Hunger During Pregnancy
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Many expectant mothers experience nausea and vomiting in the first trimester. But in addition to these problems, the feeling of hunger may disappear. And during pregnancy, it is very important to eat well so that the baby receives the necessary nutrients.

If there is no feeling of hunger during pregnancy
If there is no feeling of hunger during pregnancy

Causes of loss of appetite

If, as a mother-to-be, you notice that you have lost your appetite, do not panic. Experts consider this to be quite normal. Try to understand the cause of your loss of appetite. Most often, nausea is to blame, due to which the desire for a snack disappears.

Sometimes in a pregnant woman, the feeling of hunger may disappear in the second trimester. During this period, nausea, as a rule, is no longer felt, but the enlarged uterus presses on some parts of the intestine. As a result, the activity of the digestive system slows down, and the appetite is significantly reduced.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, appetite may also decrease. This is due to the pressure of the significantly "grown" baby on the stomach. Because of this, the expectant mother eats less food.

If a woman carrying a baby is under stress, a loss of appetite is possible. Also, the feeling of hunger can disappear due to the high level of the hormone progesterone, because it slows down the digestive processes. In the absence of folic acid, vitamin B9, or iron in the body of the expectant mother, appetite may also disappear. These elements are very necessary for the mother, and especially for her unborn baby. To make up for the lack of iron, you need to eat 2 apples a day, or a portion of buckwheat porridge. As for folic acid, it is sold in almost every pharmacy.

How to increase your appetite?

Do not ignore the lack of hunger, especially if you are preparing to become a mom. After all, the baby really needs vitamins and nutrients. In the case when the loss of appetite is due to the presence of any disease, it should be treated under the guidance of a doctor. But more often expectant mothers do not feel hunger for psychological reasons, and this is temporary. Therefore, there are several tricks thanks to which you can whet your appetite.

If you waste energy, the body will need to replenish it. Therefore, in order to stimulate appetite, you can sign up, for example, in the yoga section for pregnant women, or more often take long walks. Pamper yourself with new things. They must be in bright colors. In addition to the mass of positive emotions, saturated colors, such as orange and red, whet the appetite. Chat with friends and other pregnant women, go with them to the park, cafes and shops. So you will have a snack at least for the company.

Interest in food can also be restored by a beautiful table setting. Turn your meal into a holiday: go to the table beautifully dressed and painted, think over the menu. Don't shift responsibilities like shopping to your husband or mom. Go shopping yourself. In the midst of mouth-watering smells, especially in a pastry shop, you will most likely want to grab a bite to eat.

The expectant mother needs to take special vitamins. This will support the body and make up for nutrient deficiencies.

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