What Diseases Does Chamomile Decoction Help Against?

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What Diseases Does Chamomile Decoction Help Against?
What Diseases Does Chamomile Decoction Help Against?
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The favorite medicinal drug in Russia was chamomile. What kind of ailments were treated with it! Because the plant is universal in its composition and practically safe. Medicinal chamomile is revered today for the fact that, acting gently but effectively, it suppresses bacteria and viruses, relieves all kinds of inflammation, heals wounds and burns, soothes the nerves, protects the beauty of the skin and hair.

Pharmacy chamomile is a complex "cocktail" of many valuable substances, the main of which is chamazulene
Pharmacy chamomile is a complex "cocktail" of many valuable substances, the main of which is chamazulene

Internal use

A decoction of chamomile is drunk by the ventricles with hyperacid gastritis or stomach ulcers. It also helps with colitis, enterocolitis. Pains gradually decrease, belching, flatulence cease to torment. The decoction also effectively stops internal bleeding.

For colds, acute respiratory viral infections, flu, it is also useful to take chamomile. If the temperature rises, it is recommended to drink a hot broth with honey - it will have a diaphoretic effect. It is also an effective cough medicine.

If the kidneys, liver, gallbladder or bladder are inflamed, chamomile will have a beneficial effect on them. It is also used to remove sand, small stones, adding a little butter or cream to the hot broth.

If a nursing mother does not have enough milk, chamomile broth helps to increase its production. It should be slightly sweetened and drunk before meals.

External use

For stomatitis, chamomile is also a sure remedy. A warm broth relieves inflammation, disinfects the oral cavity and reduces the severity of pain. You should rinse your mouth every hour. Thanks to the decoction, even severe pains due to an inflamed tooth or flux recede.

Chamomile is excellent for treating various skin injuries: scratches, cuts, abscesses, chafing. It is enough to do some lotions with a decoction of flowers for a few days, and the redness, swelling, soreness disappear, preventing the wound from festering.

In case of a burn, immediately lubricate the affected area with vegetable oil. Then, a few hours later, make lotions with chilled chamomile broth. It is even better to dilute them with brewer's yeast and put compresses with the resulting gruel.

It is very useful to bathe babies periodically by adding chamomile broth to the bath. Such procedures easily eliminate skin irritation and inflammation. Before pouring the broth into the bath, it must be drained - the steamed flowers should not fall on the delicate skin of babies. By the way, after such a procedure, they quickly fall asleep.

With the rapid multiplication of the candida fungus, thrush develops. This process can be stopped using vaginal douching with warm chamomile decoction. It is preferable to many other remedies because it does not dry out the mucous membranes.

Such douching is effective for cervical erosion if the disease is not neglected. They successfully treat leucorrhoea, inflammation of the appendages, and hemorrhoids. Douching is done after cleansing enemas. Even just a few procedures bring significant relief to patients. With cystitis, it is better to use the broth in two ways: for douching and for baths.

To cleanse or slightly whiten the skin, remove blackheads, steam it, holding the face over the freshly prepared broth for 15-20 minutes under a towel. It's easy to get a decoction: pour two or three teaspoons of dried flowers with two glasses of water, heat in a sealed enamel bowl over very low heat, boil for no more than two or three minutes and strain.


It is impossible to use chamomile in case of individual intolerance, allergic reactions, mental disorders, heavy or painful menstruation, pregnancy.

If you drink the broth for too long, headaches, increased irritability, and ailments may appear. It should be given to infants only after consultation with a pediatrician!

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