How Not To Get Infected With Tuberculosis

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How Not To Get Infected With Tuberculosis
How Not To Get Infected With Tuberculosis
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Tuberculosis is an extremely dangerous disease that kills millions of people every year. Previously, it was considered incurable, but now there are a number of anti-tuberculosis drugs available to treat this ailment. It is very important to follow a number of rules to protect yourself from tuberculosis.

How not to get infected with tuberculosis
How not to get infected with tuberculosis


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Prevention of tuberculosis in children is aimed at preventing the development of the disease and preventing infection. During the first seven days of a child's life, he is given the BCG vaccine at the hospital. As a result, the body begins to develop specific immunity against tuberculosis bacteria. Therefore, you should not give up the vaccine, since children are more susceptible to this disease than adults. There are relative and absolute contraindications to vaccination, therefore it is recommended to discuss this issue with a pediatrician or neonatologist before BCG. The immunity acquired after vaccination lasts for about five years. To maintain it, they are re-vaccinated at seven and fourteen years.

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The main route of infection with tuberculosis is airborne. A sick person, when talking, sneezing or coughing, secretes pathogenic microbacteria, which are quite viable, even from whiteness or bleach, they die after a few hours. You can get infected with TB anywhere: in transport, in the theater, at work, in a store or in a hospital. Try to keep your distance when talking to people. Wash your hands as often as possible, always carry a disinfectant gel with you.

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In order not to get infected with tuberculosis, it is necessary to maintain the protective functions of your body. Try to protect your health, eat well. Include as many seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables as possible in your daily diet. Give up smoking and drinking alcohol, play sports and spend more time outdoors (in the forest or in the park). Ventilate the rooms more often, keep the house clean.

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Farm animals also suffer from tuberculosis, so you can get it through unboiled milk or poorly cooked meat. There are many cases when adults and children from very wealthy families who drank fresh cow or goat milk fall ill with tuberculosis. To protect yourself from tuberculosis, it is not recommended to buy products without packaging (bread, cookies, sweets). After all, there is a high risk that a sick person passed by, coughed or sneezed.

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Patients with diabetes mellitus, mental illness, respiratory diseases, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, HIV-infected are especially susceptible to tuberculosis. Stress and lingering depression also negatively affect the immune system. Therefore, keep your emotions under control, take anti-anxiety drugs. Wear a mask in crowded areas.

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