How Not To Get Scabies

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How Not To Get Scabies
How Not To Get Scabies
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The very name "scabies" accurately characterizes the main feature of this contagious skin disease caused by microscopic mites. Severe itching leads to an uncontrollable desire to scratch the affected skin, as a result of which the discomfort decreases for a short time, and then reappears with the same force. In addition, an infection can penetrate through the microtraumas inflicted on the skin when scratching. How can you prevent the occurrence of such an unpleasant disease?

How not to get scabies
How not to get scabies


Step 1

Scabies refers exclusively to contact diseases. In order for an infection to occur, the scabies mite must get on the skin of a healthy person. Therefore, the main task is to prevent this hit. To do this, carefully observe the rules of personal hygiene, use only your own bedding, combs, household items. Although, of course, this is not always possible, for example, on long-distance trains, during hiking trips, etc.

Step 2

If anyone in your family shows signs of scabies, take the following measures. Treat your skin with an anti-mite drug. All the clothes that the sick person has worn during the last three days before the signs of scabies, as well as his bed linen, towels, boil or wash in hot water (its temperature should be at least 55 ° C). If among these things there are those that cannot be washed in hot water, treat them with some kind of anti-parasite preparation (for example, "A-PAR").

Step 3

If, for some reason, you cannot boil, wash the above items or treat them with a preparation, put them in tight bags (preferably plastic) and tie the necks. Since itch mites, deprived of the ability to parasitize on the "host", can live no more than 72 hours, in a few days clothes, linen, towels and other items will be safe. But for prevention, it is necessary to iron both the clothes worn by the sick person and the bedding on which he slept.

Step 4

As a precaution, the same precautions should be taken for other bedding and towels used by other family members. If a sick person used a car common to the family, the interior must be thoroughly cleaned, preferably with a vacuum cleaner. The dust bag must be discarded immediately. Likewise, you must thoroughly vacuum all upholstered furniture and carpets in the house. If possible, spray all upholstered furniture with an anti-mite spray. And, of course, the sick person must undergo a full course of treatment so as not to endanger their loved ones infecting them.

Step 5

If one of the family members is sick, it is necessary to inspect the skin of the rest daily. You also need to undergo a course of prophylaxis with anti-mite drugs prescribed by a doctor.

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