How Can You Get Scabies?

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How Can You Get Scabies?
How Can You Get Scabies?
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A person in the external environment is waiting for a lot of microorganisms and parasites, ready at the time of a decrease in immunity to settle in a place convenient for themselves and successfully conduct their life.

woman scratching her neck
woman scratching her neck

One of these parasites is the scabies mite, which lives in the upper layer of the skin - the epidermis. Getting there, the male tick fertilizes the female and dies, and the female makes passages in the skin and lays eggs in them. After a while, new individuals emerge from the eggs, and the breeding cycle repeats. As a result, a rash, papules (vesicles), grayish stripes appear on the skin - ticks, as well as unbearable itching, which is a reaction to the waste products of ticks. But it also happens that the disease does not manifest itself so brightly, many take itchy skin for an allergic reaction and thus do not begin timely treatment, becoming a source of infection. The clear difference between itch itching and allergic itch is that itching itch intensifies at night, when the mites are most active. However, to establish an accurate diagnosis, microscopic examination of scrapings from the affected skin area is required.

Ways of spreading scabies

There is only one way of spreading - contact, that is, from person to person and from objects used by an infected person. Therefore, the primary danger is posed by all common items, including clothes that a person tries on in stores. If an infected person tried it on before, he inevitably left the larvae or females of itch mites on it. If a person touched a thing infected with ticks, then he quickly spreads them all over the body with his own touches, and the ticks will already settle in the most comfortable places for themselves. At the same time, enhanced hygiene will not save you from infection if, for some reason, a person's immunity is reduced. Outside the human body, the death of ticks occurs in 3 days, that is, if the immunity is in order and the ticks could not penetrate into the epidermis, after this time they will die.

Do not forget that the direct route of infection is sexual contact with a sick person. Therefore, if the sexual partner has scabies, closeness should be avoided until it is completely cured.


If any of the family members get scabies, the rest of the people should undergo a one-time preventive treatment as soon as possible, which is prescribed by a doctor. All clothes worn by a scabies patient are disinfected by boiling and ironing with a hot iron. Household items are placed in an airtight bag for 3 days, during which time the ticks die.

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