What Pills And What Diet Is Prescribed For A Sick Stomach

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What Pills And What Diet Is Prescribed For A Sick Stomach
What Pills And What Diet Is Prescribed For A Sick Stomach
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A disturbed diet, snacks, fast food, stress, alcohol abuse can lead to the development of gastrointestinal pathology, manifested by abdominal pain. If you ignore stomach ailments, serious complications can arise. That is why patients should know the basic principles of a therapeutic diet and have stomach pills in their medicine cabinet.

Stomach pills
Stomach pills

Diet for a sick stomach

The diet for patients with gastritis or other pathologies of the stomach should be as gentle and complete as possible. You should eat regularly, often and little by little, because it is much easier for a sick stomach to cope with a small amount of food. If acute pain occurs, it is better to refuse food altogether, at least on the first day. You can drink still mineral water or cool tea. From the second day of illness, it is necessary to include liquid oatmeal or mashed potatoes, jelly, soft-boiled eggs in the diet. Such a strict diet is followed with exacerbation of chronic stomach pathologies.

People who have low acidity of gastric juice should eat more foods that increase the excretion of hydrochloric acid, and those who have increased acidity, vice versa. The first group of products includes: carbonated and alcoholic drinks, cocoa, coffee, salty dishes, strong meat broths, canned food, spices, fried, smoked and pickled dishes. Products that slightly stimulate the release of gastric juice include: cottage cheese, sugar, white bread, vegetable purees, boiled fish and meat, lean soups and borscht, porridge.

The work of an inflamed stomach must be relieved. To do this, you should not take both liquid and solid food at the same time: after porridge, it is better to drink tea in about an hour. It is not recommended to combine protein and carbohydrate foods: meat and potatoes. It is better to give preference during an exacerbation to liquid and mushy food, it leaves the stomach faster than solid food.

Stomach pills

Effective help for a sore stomach is provided by drugs of an enveloping nature. The most common drugs in this group are Vikalin and Almagel.

"Almagel" is a specially designed complex, which includes enveloping and antacid components. This medicine should not be taken with water, and you should not drink water within an hour after taking it. The medicine, entering the stomach, is distributed over the surface of the mucous membrane and reduces the symptoms of stomach disease.

Vikalin is a more complex drug that contains anti-inflammatory, astringent and spasm-reducing ingredients. Take it three times a day with water, an hour after eating.

"Festal" is a preparation containing digestive enzymes and bile components. Enzymatic remedies include equally popular medicines - "Mexaza" and "Panzinorm". They improve digestion and relieve stomach discomfort. No-shpa helps to relieve spasms and reduce pain.

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