Diet For Gastritis With Low Acidity

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Diet For Gastritis With Low Acidity
Diet For Gastritis With Low Acidity
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With gastritis with low acidity, the gastric juice contains an insufficient amount of hydrochloric acid. Therefore, food that has entered the stomach is digested worse. As a consequence, its digestion in the intestines also does not occur to a full extent. During the treatment of gastritis, it is imperative to follow a diet.

Diet for gastritis with low acidity
Diet for gastritis with low acidity


Step 1

As a result of improper digestion of food, the work of the entire digestive system is disrupted, a person often has belching, nausea, diarrhea, or, conversely, constipation. If you do not treat such gastritis, complications can develop, up to and including stomach cancer. During the illness, the patient is allowed to eat weak broths from lean meat or lean fish. In the absence of exacerbations, soups with vegetables and rice can be made on the basis of these broths. It is better not to put cabbage in such a soup, as its coarse fibers take a long time to digest.

Step 2

You should completely abandon sweet pastries, pastries, cakes. The consumption of rye bread is allowed, but in limited quantities. It is best to eat lightly dried white bread. From cereal dishes, cereals are allowed - buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, boiled in water and without oil.

Step 3

You can eat lean meat - chicken, veal, beef, lean fish - pollock, hake, cod. At first they need to be cooked only boiled, and after a while they can be stewed. Fatty meat and fish should be excluded from the diet. Smoked products are not allowed. Pickled and salty foods should also be avoided at the beginning of treatment.

Step 4

You can eat dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese, milk, sour cream), but with a reduced fat content. It is better to completely exclude butter from the diet, in extreme cases, use it occasionally and in small quantities.

Step 5

Patients suffering from low acidity gastritis, in contrast to their "companions in misfortune" who have been diagnosed with high acidity gastritis, are allowed citrus fruits and berries. Raspberries, strawberries, black currants are especially useful for them. It is better to use these berries in a grated form so that they are digested faster and easier. Of course, you don't need to overuse berries and citrus fruits, especially with diarrhea.

Step 6

It is better not to drink strong tea at all. Weak tea, coffee (preferably with milk), kvass, kefir, juices are acceptable. According to the doctor's prescription and if possible, you should drink kumis, it is very useful for this disease.

Step 7

About a month after the start of treatment, if there is a persistent improvement in well-being, you can include fried foods in the diet. At the same time, to stimulate the formation of hydrochloric acid, it will be possible to introduce rich soups, salty and pickled dishes into the diet. Although it is still better to abstain from smoked dishes and hot spices.

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