The Easiest Way To Gain Weight

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The Easiest Way To Gain Weight
The Easiest Way To Gain Weight
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Many people make tremendous efforts to lose those extra pounds and become slimmer. A huge amount of information is devoted to this. But men and women with underweight are most often forgotten. This problem is more difficult to solve, and it brings no less harm to the body than excess weight.

The easiest way to gain weight
The easiest way to gain weight

Causes of underweight

There are many reasons that cause underweight. The first is genetic predisposition. Indeed, if your relatives are asthenic in several generations, then you, too, are likely to be thin.

An overactive thyroid is also a cause of underweight, especially when you were of normal weight and physique and then suddenly began to lose weight. In this case, you need to consult an endocrinologist.

Indigestion can also cause weight loss. In this disease, an insufficient amount of enzymes is produced, due to which food is not completely broken down and nutrients are poorly absorbed.

There is also such a reason as the presence of a parasitic invasion. Everything that a person eats goes not to his body, but to the parasite. Any person can become infected with worms or protozoa, it does not depend on his social status and level of hygiene. Therefore, prophylaxis should be carried out every six months.

Lack of body weight can be caused by stress. During some nervous shock, some people lose their appetite. In this case, you need to learn how to get rid of negative emotions and not forget about nutrition.

How to gain weight?

First of all, you need to learn how to plan your food intake. No need to strive to eat more. Food should be consumed in moderation, but every 2-3 hours. For example, if you have breakfast at nine in the morning, then you should have lunch no later than noon. In total, there should be at least six meals per day.

Foods should be higher in calories than usual. But this does not mean that you need to eat various buns and puffs. For the body, carbohydrates and proteins are most preferred. Look for legumes like lentils and peas. Also, protein is found in meat, fish, nuts. Don't forget about dairy products. As for carbohydrates, potatoes, honey, pasta and white bread should be included in the diet.

Knowing about foods that help you gain weight is little. It is also important to use them correctly. For example, when you cook porridge, use milk instead of water. You can add cheese, avocado, or salad dressing to sandwiches. These foods will add calories to your meal.

You can also include high-calorie drinks in your diet, because unsweetened tea and water will not help you gain weight. But a cocktail made with skim milk, nut butter and strawberries will provide the body with additional nutrients.

Paradoxically, burning calories can help you gain weight because, for example, walking or cycling can stimulate your appetite. And strength training allows you to get better at the expense of additional muscle mass.

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