How To Deal With Bumps On Your Feet

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How To Deal With Bumps On Your Feet
How To Deal With Bumps On Your Feet

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Toe bumps are a common problem. Such growths hurt, do not allow wearing model shoes and simply disfigure the foot. Fortunately, they can be effectively dealt with in a variety of ways.

How to deal with bumps on your feet
How to deal with bumps on your feet


Step 1

In advanced cases, when the foot is severely deformed and the big toe is significantly deflected to the side, the only effective ways to deal with bumps on the legs are surgery and laser therapy.

Step 2

Small bumps on the legs can be treated with raw potatoes. Young tuber must be grated. Apply the resulting gruel to the joint, cover with plastic wrap and fix with a bandage or a strip of fabric. You need to keep such a compress for about half an hour.

Step 3

You can also try potato foot baths. For this, a special broth is prepared from potato peelings. Fill the pot by two-thirds with peeled potatoes and half-fill with water. The mixture should be boiled for 15 minutes and then filtered. The resulting broth is added to a bowl of hot water. You need about 300 ml for the procedure. Feet should be soared for at least half an hour.

Step 4

Propolis can be used to treat bumps on the feet. This substance is rubbed in the hands to make it soft, and then glued to the sore joint. From above, propolis is fixed with a dry cloth. You can also make compresses with propolis tincture, which is sold in pharmacies.

Step 5

Egg ointment is considered an effective folk remedy for bumps on the legs. A fresh white egg should be doused with acetic acid and left in a dark place for two weeks. During this time, it should dissolve. The remnants of the shell are thrown away, and the egg is mixed with one tablespoon of lard and 10 g of turpentine ointment. The resulting product is smeared on the bump every other day.

Step 6

Burdock compresses are also effective in relieving pain and reducing inflammation. A few burdock leaves should be greased with turpentine and wrapped around the leg from the toes to the knee. From above, the leaves are fixed with plastic wrap. For warmth, you need to wrap your legs with a woolen cloth or put on large felt boots. Such a compress should not be kept for more than 15 minutes, as it can burn the skin.

Step 7

Prevention of bumps on the legs and treatment of this disease in the early stages can be special gymnastics that strengthens the muscles of the foot.

- Bend and unbend your toes until you feel tired.

- Bend your fingers as much as possible and hold them in this position for 20-40 seconds.

- Tighten the arch of your foot without bending your toes. The foot should decrease by 3-4 cm in length. Return to starting position. Perform 10 times with each foot.

- Tighten the arch of the foot and hold it in this position for 20-30 seconds. You cannot bend your fingers.

- Roll the bottle in one stop at a time for 1-2 minutes.

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